HUMA 1315 Central Texas College Visual Arts Essay


Essay – ACTS- Stage ‘C”
Write Essay:
Using your academic source/s you will write and submit your essay to the Writing Lab.
Here are the specifics for your essay.

Introduction Paragraph with Thesis Statement as the last sentence in this paragraph
Essay Body: Supporting Arguments to prove your thesis statement

3+ paragraphs with 500-900 word count
use at least 2 in-text citations (ideally 3) with supporting evidence from your stage ‘B’ approved academic/scholarly(textbook or library journal article source/s and properly document with any necessary quotation marks (these 2 may not be used for definitions, dates, nor artwork reference only)) Supporting information= some part of your connection and/or contribution (for example evidence supporting why a societal contribution in this area is needed, some visual art which would meet this need in some way, evidence to support the connection itself, etc.
include visual artist born after 1900.
Add an Artwork Title in correct MLA for extra credit (do not attach or include the actual images of the artwork!)

Conclusion (3+ sentences) Take a summary sentence from each of the body paragraph as it directly relates to your thesis
Works Cited  – MLA formatted list of sources used within essay


    a. Grammar and Spelling Count.  1″ Margins, Double Spaced, Times Roman 12pt, correct document type of rtf or doc only


MLA Formatting of In-Text Citations –a grade may not be earned without proper in-text citations and documentation

MLA Formatting for all sources used on the Works Cited page  -a grade will not be earned without a proper Works Cited page

Use MLA 2016 8th edition with both URL and Accessed date for Library database or any instructor approved website. {see example essay}

Note: Complete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365 (download free software at, LibreOffice (download free software at, or other per course requirements. Save your file as a .rtf file or .doc –Only -to ensure that it can be opened at any computer.  Other document types will not be accepted, and could result in earning 0 points.
The visual arts are closely related to the professional field of general studies. Teaching the visual arts can help develop skills, creativity, and the ability to persist in criticism. General education students can come together and bring different aspects of life to the world by revealing the experiences that shaped and shaped them. To some extent, it is not classified as a preference.
Efland, Arthur. Art and Cognition : Integrating the Visual Arts in the Curriculum. Teachers College Press, 2002. INSERT-MISSING-DATABASE-NAME, INSERT-MISSING-URL. Accessed 24 Aug. 2020.

general education


aesthetic value

development of skills

immense contributions

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