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1-The most important energy that drive earth’s system moving is __________________.
a. Electricity generated by the human.
b. Geothermal energy
c. Hydropower
d. Solar energy

2-Which statement is False?
a. Insolation is mainly shortwave radiation.
b. Most visible light reaches ground.
c. Earth radiation is mainly long wave radiation.
d. Atmosphere absorbs more radiation from the earth than from the Sun.
e. Greenhouse effect is definitely caused by human activities.

3-Two factors that affect insolation are sun angle and day length. Which of the following factors affect Sun
time of the day (daily variation)
time of the year (seasonal change)
latitude of he location (latitudal change)
weather systems (atmospheric effect)
surface conditions (albedo)

4-Explain why natural greenhouse effect is good and why it becomes a problem right now?

5-The following map shows the distribution of insolation over the United States
as measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. Please briefly anser the following
three questions based on the map.
A. Describe: What is the overall trend in spatial distribution of insolation as you drive from southwest to
B. Explain: Why insolation is not evenly distributed?
C. Apply: If President Obama appoints you as the sectary of Department of Energy, where would
like to build Solar Power Plants as an alternative energy sources.

6-Fill the follow blacks with names of the eight spectral segments as labeled from 1 to 8
in the order exactly as shown in Figure 2.1 (This question needs to be manually graded
and you will recieve a full credit if you use the terms as shown in Figure 2.1).

7-Refer to the following figure and use the scientific reasoning to answer this
critical thinking question. If Earth’s axis tilts more to 45° from the plane of the
ecliptic (Figure C), what will happen in the Northern Hemisphere?
There will be more than 24 hours per day.
It will be hotter in summer and colder in winter.
It will be colder in summer and hotter in winter.
The polar region and tropical region will become larger while the temperate region will become smaller.
The polar region and tropical region will become smaller larger while the temperate region will become
8-Seasons are among the key concepts in geography and thus you should spend more time on
this topic. The following figure depicts four extreme positions when the Earth revolves around the
Sun. Fill the blanks by using scientific terms (refer to Figure 2.7) to decribe the four positions
labeled by letters A, B, C, and D respecitively (Note that this question has to be manually graded
and you will not see the score until it is graded).
9-Fill the following blanks with the dates that mark the locations from A through B respectively as
shown in Figure 2.7.
According to the previous figure, which statements are true when the Earth travels to location A?
a. It reaches March Equinox.
b. The lengthes of the day and
the night will be equal
across the entire world.
c. The overhead Sun strikes on
the Equator.
d. It marks the begnining
of the spring season in the
Southern Hemisphere.

Location D marks the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere but the
winder solstice in the northern hemisphere. To avoid the confusion, the
author of the text uses December Solstice to represent the unique postion of
the earth on the ecliptic plane.

10-Which of the statement is false based on the following figure?
a. Insolation increases as latitude changes toward poles.
b. Insolation decreases as latitude increases.
c. Insolation at 60 N & S is only half of that at the Equator.
d. More insolation usually means more engery and higher temperature.
e. Insolation shows a clear pattern of zonal distribution with latitude.
11-Please match each pair of a line represented by a letter and its correct geographic name
based on the following figure.
the Equator( )
a. C
The Tropic of Cancer ( )
b. B
The Tropic of Capricon( )
c. D
The Arctic Circle ( )
d. A
The Antarctic Circle( )
e. E

12-Refer to the previsous figure or PPT slides, the northern hemisphere can be divided into three general
zones called : (1) _________region that falls between the Eguator and the Tropic of Cancer, (2)
__________ region between the Tripic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle, and (3) ________region between
the Arctic Cirble and the North Pole.
a. polar region; temperate region; tropical region
b. temperate region; polar region; tropical region
c. tropical region; temperate region; polar region;
d. High latitude; middle latitude; low latitude
e. Equtoiral region; subtropical region; subpolar region

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