I need attached assignment done


I need attached assignment doneI need attached assignment done
I need attached assignment done
I need attached assignment done

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Assignment 1—Due Sep. 20th no later than 11:59 PM to d2l Assignments Folder
Refer to the diagram below to answer the first eight questions:
Note: A nm (nanometer) is one billionth of a meter.
A cm (centimeter) is one hundredth of a meter.
1. How does energy relate to wavelength? (Hint: look at all info on the diagram)
As energy increases, wavelength __________________________.
Light emitted by an object can appear to change wavelength due to its motion relative
to an observer. Moving toward= compressed to shorter wavelength; Moving
away=stretched to longer wavelength. This is called Doppler Shift.
2. When an object that emits EMR is moving toward an observer, what end of the light
spectrum does the wavelength shift toward, blue or red?
3. When an object that emits EMR is moving away from an observer, what end of the
light spectrum does the wavelength shift toward, blue or red?
4. If a red star is moving toward Earth, how would its light spectrum appear to an
observer on Earth?
It would appear red
It would appear blue shifted
It would appear blue
It would appear red shifted
None of the choices are correct
5. Imagine a scenario in which a star was orbiting Earth at the same rate that Earth is
spinning on its axis. Explain how the light spectrum of EMR emitted from that star
would appear to an observer on Earth. (Would it be red or blue shifted or not, and why)
Use the Hubble Plot below to answer questions 6-8. Each dot represents a galaxy.
The x-axis is a measure of distance (how far away a galaxy is from us), and the y-axis is a
measure of velocity (how fast galaxies are moving).
6. The plot above indicates that when distance to a galaxy increases, recessional
velocity _____________________________________.
7. Imagine you were a scientist looking at the plot above. Come up with one question
you might ask after looking at this plot.
8. Predict what the Hubble Plot would look like if galaxies that are closer to Earth
appear to be more redshifted (i.e., are moving away faster) than those that are farther
from Earth. Sketch that version of the Hubble Plot below (no values necessary, just label
the X and Y axes as they are in the Hubble Plot above, and sketch in what the data might
look like, including the line through the data points).
9. If the universe were neither expanding nor contracting, what would the Hubble plot
look like? Sketch it below.
10. If all distant galaxies appeared to be blueshifted when observed from Earth, what
would that tell us about the universe?
It is expanding
It is contracting
It is not changing
The pie chart below shows the most abundant elements in the Earth.
11. Based on the pie chart at
left, which of the following
minerals would you expect to
be rare on Earth (circle them):
Quartz – SiO2
Feldspar – (K, Al)2Si3O8
Mica – KAl2(AlSi3O10/OH)2
Galena – PbS
Olivine – (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
12. Circle/underline any of the following layers that are part of the lithosphere:
Entire Mantle
Upper Mantle
13. In your own words, explain how the lithosphere and the asthenosphere are
different in terms of their behavior.
14. True or False: A tectonic plate can contain a continent, an ocean, or both.
15. The Arabian Plate contains rocks that are identical to those found on the African
continent (see map below). Based on that information, what type of plate boundary is
the dark line between Africa and the Arabian Plate? Explain your reasoning.

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