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Lab 5: earthquake mapping. Please complete everything within the time frame, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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GLY 108 – Plate Tectonics: The Active Earth
Lab 5: Earthquake Mapping
1. Become familiar with earthquake and volcanic research.
2. Become familiar with plate boundaries across the globe.
3. Understand how frequent earthquakes and volcanoes occur on the Earth.
Perform an Internet search to find websites that provide worldwide earthquake and volcano
updates and information. Where possible, sign up to be alerted to tectonic activity on a daily
basis. Remember, you need to track activity worldwide – not just in the U.S. Also note that
websites often produce maps without plate boundaries marked, try to figure out which plate
boundary the earthquake/volcano is associated with.
Every day for one week, track worldwide volcanic eruptions and earthquakes over a magnitude
of 4.0. Note each day’s events by listing the Date/Time, Event, Magnitude, and Location (Plate).
List 7 Earthquake or Volcano Events:
Useful web sites:
(U. of Oregon)
(USGS- The Dynamic earth)
(IRIS-Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) This map
is continuously updated to show each day’s earthquakes around the world.
IRIS – General earthquake info –
IRIS maps – This site maps and reflects earthquake
activity for the past 24 hours, the past week, the past month, or the past year.
Based on your research, answer these questions:
A. What percentage of earthquakes and volcanoes occurred on or near plate boundaries?
B. What were the locations of the volcanoes that didn’t erupt near a plate boundary? Can they be
tied to hot spot activity?
C. Choose one earthquake that occurred away from a plate boundary and conduct some research
into it. What are some possible reasons it occurred? Is it near an old fault? Was it a result of
human activity? Could it be due to a sort of “rebounding” of the land?
D. What percentage of earthquakes and volcanoes occurred over the “Ring of Fire”? Is this
nickname well deserved, based on your research?
E. Based on your research alone, how would you draw the plate boundaries if you had to start
from scratch? Would they be the same or different than they appear now?
F. If you lived in an earthquake-prone area, which material would you prefer to build a house on,
and why?
G. How resistant to earthquake damage is the soil in your local area?

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