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PH100 — Science of Disasters
Activity One — Plate Tectonics
Due day: Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019
Materials Needed:
1. Reproducible map of the world
2. Colored pencils or markers
3. Color paper and Glue
On a world map, locate the features listed below with colored pencils or markers
A. Draw the San Andreas Fault using a dashed line (
). Label the plates that are involved along the fault and
use arrows (→→→) to show their relative motion.
(4 points)
B. Sketch in the mountains (⋀⋀⋀⋀⋀) created by the collision between the Indian and Eurasian Plates. (3 points)
C. Draw a solid red line (
) along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Use arrows to show relative direction of the sea floor
on either side of the ridge.
(4 points)
D. Label the youngest (Y) and the oldest (O) rocks that form the oceanic crust across the Atlantic Ocean. (4 points)
E. Use red triangle (∆) to denote the position of the Hawaiian Islands. Label where the active hot spot is located
and show the relative direction of the Pacific Plate at this point.
(5 points)
F. Use red triangles (∆) to mark the position of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Label the plates
that are involved and show their relative motion.
(5 points)
G. Using solid red triangles (
) to symbolize volcanic activity, locate the Pacific “Ring of Fire” using (
(10 points)
H. Draw a solid blue line (
) where the Pacific Plate is subducted against the North American, Eurasian and
South American Plates.
(5 points)
I. From your previous answer, locate the organic trench that lies off the coast of Japan. Using symbols (D) for
deep and (S) for shallow, label the epicenters for earthquakes that you would expect to find at different depths
along this subduction zone.
(10 points)
II. Questions:
1. Before people understood plate tectonics, what evidence led some scientists to believe in continental drift?
Ages of bedrock formations match across the Atlantic Ocean
south america and africa fit like a puzzle
mountain ranges, fossils, and ancient rocks matches as well and it seemed to fit like a puzzle
(10 points)
PH100 — Science of Disasters
Activity One — Plate Tectonics
2. If the coastlines across the Atlantic Ocean are spreading apart, why isn’t the Atlantic Ocean deepest in its
Because of -mid-oceanic ridges
(10 points)
3. What evidence confirmed seafloor spreading?
Measurements of the thickness of marine sediments and absolute age determinations of such bottom
the strength of the geomagnetic field is alternately anomalously high and low with increasing distance
away from the axis of the mid-ocean ridge system.
(10 points)
Pangaea Reproduction — Solve the Jig-Saw puzzle of the Tectonic Plates
(20 points)
1. Use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut continents off from a world map, and label each continent by its
proper name
2. Put each continent one a piece of color paper. Treat those pieces like a jig-saw puzzle and move them
around until all the pieces fit nicely. Glue down all those pieces on the colored paper. New Pangaea now is
PH100 — Science of Disasters
Activity One — Plate Tectonics

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