LATTC Binomial Probability & Distribution Random Variables & Expected Value Worksheet


– It’s a binomial probability examples that need to be solved. – Attachment is attached below.- Met objective w/ precision: shows understanding with NO mistakes.

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Chapter 12 Sections 4 & 5 Assessment
Complete the following problems on a separate sheet of paper using your own handwriting (no typing or
digital graphics). Make sure that you show ALL of the steps required to solve each problem. You ARE
allowed to use notes, formula sheets, the book, internet resources, and a calculator. You ARE NOT
allowed to use other human beings to help. ​When you are finished type your final answers in this
document and then upload a picture with all of your work​. You can do this using the app Adobe Scan
(free with your burbankusd credentials) or by uploading images of your work to different pages in a
google doc. Make sure that your pictures are clear, legible, and that there is not a bunch of extra space
around the edges of your paper in the picture.
1. From past records, a store finds that 0.____ ____ of people who enter the store will make a
purchase. Fill in the blanks with the last two digits of your 5 digit student number (so if your
student number is 26781, write 0.81).
a. Explain why this random variable will have a binomial distribution.
b. Eight people enter the store during a one-hour period. Find each of the following
probabilities to complete the binomial probability table. Round your answers to 6 decimal
c. What is the probability that exactly 3 customers will make a purchase?
d. What is the probability that less than 5 of the customers will make a purchase?
e. What is the probability that 6 or more of the customers will make a purchase?
f. What is the expected number (expected value) of customers who will make a purchase?
2. At a raffle, 1____ ____ tickets are sold at $2 each for 1 prize worth $250, 2 prizes worth $60, and
10 prizes worth $10. Fill in the blanks with your birth day written as 2 digits (so if your birthday
is February 9, write 109). What is the expected value? Should you buy a ticket? Explain your
General Meaning
Met objective w/ precision: shows understanding with NO mistakes.
Met objective: shows understanding with minor mistakes.
Almost met objective: shows understanding but made multiple small mistakes
Progress made toward objective: shows some understanding but made multiple
Attempted objective: shows little understanding but still attempted parts of the
Did not meet objective: shows no understanding but still attempted parts of the
Missing: no attempt made

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