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Geol 3401 – The Oceans
Extra Credit
Fur Seal South Georgia, Antarctica January, 2009 (Brett Longworth with permission)
Extra credit opportunities are available throughout the semester. Ten points of extra credit
raises the final grade average 1 point. A maximum of 50 points of extra credit is allowed. This
means if after I have averaged the Internet Assignments, Marine Policy Project, and 3 course
exam grades, for every 10 points of extra credit you have completed, your final average will be
raised 1 point. If you complete 50 points of extra credit, you will raise your final grade 5 points.
For example, if your final average is 85, and you do 50 points of extra credit, your final grade in
the class will be a 90. Similarly, if your final average in the class is a 65, and you do 50 points of
extra credit, your final grade in the class will be a 70.
Extra Credit Opportunities include:
1) Field Trips and Professional Talks by Experts in Oceanography or Related Fields
2) USGS Lecture Series
3) Museum or Aquarium Visits
4) Tide Pool Field Trip
5) Beach Clean-up Events
6) End of Term Survey
I highly recommend students do the extra credit, particularly if science is, “not your thing” or if
you are not a particularly good test-taker.
Extra Credit Opportunities for all Students Include:
1) Field Trips and Professional Talks by Experts Oceanography or Related Fields (5 points)
Fieldtrips and professional talks that are occurring at CSUEB and other
universities and colleges may be identified during the semester – look for them in
the Announcements. Generally, 3-5 points are given for a talk or 1/2 day
fieldtrip. 5-10 points for a full-day fieldtrip. If you live outside the Bay Area, or
discover a talk or fieldtrip that has not been announced, contact me prior to the
event and I will let you know if it qualifies.
For extra credit, students are
required to submit a 1/2- 1 page write-up of their experience, summarizing
what they learned and how it relates to this course, and provide proof of
Again, if you discover a talk or fieldtrip that has not been announced, submit the
topic, presenter, and importance of the event as it relates to this course to me
for approval (via discussion board or e-mail) before attending and I will let now
how much extra credit you could earn.
2) *USGS Lecture Series (5 points):
Attend or listen to USGS Podcast lectures and submit a one to two page writeup summarizing the lecture and explaining how it relates to this class. (*If you
attend the lecture include proof of attendance.) The lectures topic much be
ocean related, if you have any questions about a specific lecture please contact
the course instructor:
More Information Regarding Upcoming Talks at the USGS Menlo Park Campus:
*This program has been suspended due to Government sequester cutbacks; however,
you may still listen to archived podcasts and submit a report for extra credit.
Some Suggestions:
Title: Is “THE IMPOSSIBLE” Possible in the Pacific Northwest?
Subtitle: — Coastal Community Tsunami Hazards and Risk
Speaker: Nathan Wood, Geographer
Title: Colorful South Pacific Species
Subtitle: — New Discoveries and Looming Threats
Speaker: Robert Fisher, USGS Research Biologist
Title: Pacific Nearshore Ecosystem Mysteries
Subtitle: — from kelp forests to fisheries, sea otters aid in studying ocean vitality
Speaker: James Bodkin, USGS Research Wildlife Biologist
Title: Scanning the Seafloor with Sound
Subtitle: –modern sonar reveals hidden hazards and resources
Speaker: David Finlayson, Marine Geologist
Title: Restoring the Wild Heart of South San Francisco Bay
Subtitle: –The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project
Speaker: Laura Valoppi, Lead Scientist
and many more options…
3) Museum or Aquarium Visits (full-day 10 points):
For students living in the Bay Area I highly recommend a day at Monterey Bay
Aquarium, Aquarium of the Bay, and/or California Academy of Science
Aquarium of the Bay, Seymour Center Long Marine Lab UCSC (5 points) and
Young Lagoon Reserve Tour (5 points) (10 points) (10 points) (10 points) (5 points) (5 points)
For extra credit you must submit a 1-2 page written summary (submitted via email attachments) of what you saw, and what you learned, and how that relates
to this course. You must include in your submission evidence that you attendedfor example a scan of the ticket or a photograph of you standing in front of the
aquarium, or better yet, inside. You can be as silly as you want in the photo, but
not rude!
Please submit a proposal for other museums, aquariums, and marine sanctuaries
for approval via e-mail before attending and I will let you know how much extra
credit you could earn.
4) Tide Pool Field Trip (5 points):
Check the tide tables and spend a few hours at one of the tide pools on the map
Monterey Bay Aquarium:
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach:
Write a 1-2 page summary of your day, including what you learned, images, and
your impressions; submit your summary via e-mail attachment before the end of
the term.
5) Beach Clean-up Events (5 points):
Participate in a Beach Clean-up event. Submit your write-up via e-mail
attachment, including proof of attendance (event literature with signature of
organizer or leader, or a photograph of yourself at the event).
Ask around to see if any of your peers would like to join you. Who knows, you
might even see other students from this class at the event!
The SR Foundation organizes Beach Clean-up events at Bay Area beaches
throughout the year. More information is available at their website. If you live
outside the Bay Area there might be a local SR Foundation or similar group that
organizes beach clean-up; check with the course instructor before attending to
assure it qualifies for extra credit. The only real restrictions are that it must be an
organized event and you must be able to demonstrate proof of attendance.
Here is some more information:
“Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to
the protection and enhancement of our local waves, water and beaches through
conservation, activism, research and education.”
Age restrictions: 10+
Type of work: Beach Cleanup
Recommended attire: Comfortable beach clothes
Items to bring: Hat, sun screen, water
Meals provided: No
Beverages provided: No
Rain contingencies: Rain or shine
Parking Available: Free parking
Location: Ocean Beach – Judah St., San Francisco
Note: We will be videotaping the event for news and promotional purposes
6) Dr. McMahon’s End of Term Survey (4 points):
At the end of the semester I will post Dr. McMahon’s Course Survey; complete the
survey for 4 points extra credit.
Other extra credit possibilities may be announced throughout the term.

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