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Use the pdf file to complete the DOCX. It is the second part of the assignment. If you have any more questions let me know.

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Chapter 13 Assessment Part 2
Complete the following problems on a separate sheet of paper using your own handwriting (no typing or
digital graphics) except for question #1. Question #1 needs to be in this document. Make sure that you
show ALL of the steps required to solve each problem. You ARE allowed to use notes, formula sheets,
the book, internet resources, and a calculator. You ARE NOT allowed to use other human beings to help.
When you are finished then upload ONE file with all of your work. You can do this using the app Adobe
Scan (free with your burbankusd credentials) or by uploading images of your work to different pages in a
google doc. Make sure that your pictures are clear, legible, and that there is not a bunch of extra space
around the edges of your paper in the picture.
1. Enter your raw data from your chapter 13 Assessment Part 1 #2a into the table below (the
coloring will be used later). You should have a total of 20 data values.
2. Calculate the z-score (show your work) and fill in the following statement:
My data value is __________ and it falls _________ standard deviations [above or below] the
mean. (Your data value is however you answered the question, “At what age would you first
consider someone to be old?”.)
3. Find the five number summary for your data set.
4. Find the IQR for your data set and check for any outliers. Show your work and all of the steps for
each of these.
5. Make a modified boxplot of your data.
6. Describe what it means for a data value to be the 42nd percentile for that data set.
7. What age (from your data) represents the following:
a. The 40th percentile
b. The 64th percentile
8. What percentile is the age located as described below:
a. In the green box in problem #1 above
b. In the blue box in problem #1 above

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Qualitative Quantitative Data

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