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Hello!!I will attach 3 homeworks to do one of them is just answering the 4 questionsThe other two are replying to students post have to be; commented on similar or interesting goals. Replies are complete, original, relevant and detailed. each reply have to be between 30-50 words. ( please write name of student when you write reply so I know to who to post)If you need anything let me know, thanks!!

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Daily Trash and Waste
For this assignment, consider the waste that you produce each day
according to the categories below. Track the amount of waste that you
produce in one day and record it in the chart below and answer the
questions. Regarding the amount of water, we are using average amounts
for showers, baths and toilet flushes. The real numbers can vary
significantly based on the type of shower head used, length of shower, and
model/age of toilet. Do you best to accurately measure the amounts,
complete the chart, and answer the questions below.
You will complete this assignment twice once during the first week of
class and then again during the last week of class. Often students notice
that their habits have changed over the semester, this assignment will give
you a chance to see if that is the case for you.
Amount Put in Trash Amount Recycled
Newspaper, notebook
paper, copy paper, fax
Paper/paper products paper, toilet paper,
paper towel, paper
plates/cups, etc.
Jars, glasses,
bottles, bowls, etc.
Bottles, wrappers,
packaging, etc.
amount needed for
showering (10 minute
shower = 25
gallons)/bathing (42
gallons), cooking,
flushing the toilet (2.5
gallons), etc.
Any type of food
(even spoiled), etc.
Branches, twigs,
leaves, etc.
Yard waste
1. What items did you place into the trash that could have been
2. Were you surprised by the data above? Why or why not?
3. What could you do differently in order to reduce your daily trash and
4. What recycling opportunities are available in your community that
you currently participate in or could start participating in the future?
Daniel Purifoy
Aug 17, 2020 at 9:46 AM
My first semester of college was in 2018 and if I'm
going to be honest, I didn't really know what I was
getting myself into. I passed all of my classes that
semester, but I know that i could've done a lot
better if I had a goal for myself. Ever since then, I
have always made an effort to create a goal for
myself for each semester. This is my last year at
Macomb, so it would be nice to do good in all of my
classes. My one goal for this semester is to
increase my grade point average. My grade point
average right now is good, but it can definitely be
better, so increasing that is a big goal of mine. I
took environmental science back in eleventh grade,
and I really enjoyed the class. I hope to gain more
knowledge in the this subject, as well as get a good
grade in this class. This class is required for the
program that I plan on transferring into, but even if
it wasn't required, I could still see myself taking this
class just because I do have an interest in science.
Colin Sterling
Aug 17, 2020 at 11:41 AM
– I'm hoping to achieve by learning different ways
and things that people do to help the environment
that surrounds us. I'm also looking forward to
seeing some new ways and Technology and how
people have helped to better the world today.
My biggest goal this semester is to achieve
moving forward on in my career I desire. But also
learning a lot of new things down the road that I
can take with me for years to come.
– For this course I need it for my General Ed in
furthering my career into my interest. So this is
kind of needed but at the same time I'm interested
in learning about science even more.

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