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Each post should be no less than 150 words and no more than 500 words long.For the check-in post, you will need to read chapter 4 from this book: Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film, Fifth Edition
Richard Barsam and Dave Monahan…. And watch the film identified below.Looking At Movies: Narrator, Narration, Narrative.
Looking At Movies: Diegetic and Nondiegetic Elements.
Looking At Movies: Suspense and Surprise.

You can choose either Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), or Into the Wild (2007); and Discuss either the narrative structure or the Elements of Narrative in the film you watched to the film listed in the post.
Here are the links for the two movies:… and…Each Check-in Post should clearly reflect that you have both read the chapter and watched the film.You will need to make sure you have at least one concrete reference to the text (that is in-text cited following APA guidelines) and reference to at least one specific scene from the film (a time stamp must be included as in in-text reference).

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CH 04 Overview
The main point of Chapter 4 is to give you an overview of the elements of narrative in film. Many of
these elements are shared in common with other narrative forms such as prose fiction and drama, so
if you have studied narrative form in literature or theater classes, you will see some familiar terms and
concepts here in Chapter 4. But be alert to the unique features of film narrative—especially the
various ways that time is manipulated in movies.
A central concept in this chapter is the relationship between plot and story. Figure 4.2 on page 137
and the discussion that begins on that page is essential reading if you want to understand this
relationship. The gist is this: the plot of a movie is the manner in which the underlying story is
presented onscreen. All of the decisions that filmmakers make about what to show onscreen come
down to this fundamental distinction between plot and story.
Among the decisions that flow from the plot/story distinction are the order and duration of narrative
events. Regarding duration, it is most important for you to understand how the summary
relationship works in film, since it is the most common type of manipulation of time (duration) in
In addition to narrative events, there are a few other major elements of film narrative covered in this
chapter: characters, setting, and narration. The section devoted to narration is short, but you
shouldn’t conclude that the subject is less important than the other two. In fact, because we as
viewers identify with the camera’s perspective, the implied point of view conveyed by the camera
adds a complex wrinkle to film narration that makes it different from the modes of narration in written
fiction or in staged drama.

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The Art of film

Check-in post

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