Make a chapter check-in post


Each post should be no less than 150 words and no more than 500 words long.For the check-in post, you will need to read chapter 5 from this book: Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film, Fifth Edition
Richard Barsam and Dave Monahan…. And watch the film identified below.
Looking At Movies: Lighting and Familiar Image in The Night of the Hunter.Looking At Movies: Setting and Expressionism.
Looking At Movies: Mise-en-scène – Composing The Frame.
Looking At Movies: The Lumiere Brothers’s “Actualities”.
Choose a film of your own that can be used to explain mise-en-scene, The film has to have been a non-documentary and non-animated feature film released in the past 15 years. Explain and illustrate different elements of Mise-en-Scene in a scene from the film of your choice that is not discussed in the text. Be sure you clearly time stamp the scene you will be addressing.Each Check-in Post should clearly reflect that you have both read the chapter and watched the film.You will need to make sure you have at least one concrete reference to the text (that is in-text cited following APA guidelines) and reference to at least one specific scene from the film (a time stamp must be included as in in-text reference).

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CH 05 Overview
Mise-en-Scène, the subject of Chapter 5, is a notoriously slippery concept to define or explain.
Although you should pay attention to the subtleties of the discussion throughout the chapter, the most
fundamental thing you should remember about mise-en-scène is that it is comprised of two major
visual elements: design and composition. In popular understanding, mise-en-scène is often equated
solely with design—with costumes and set design especially—and often only with elaborately designed
“costume dramas.” But as Chapter 5 makes clear, design is only one part of what makes up a movie’s
mise-en-scène and every movie, not just elaborate costume dramas, has a mise-en-scène.
Most of the elements of design—costumes, hair, makeup, setting and decor—will seem self-evident to
you. Make sure, however, not to overlook that lightingis also an important design element, and is
almost always carefully controlled by the filmmakers to achieve certain effects. You’ll learn more about
lighting in Chapter 6 (Cinematography).
Composition, the second major visual element of mise-en-scène, is itself composed of two major
elements: framing and kinesis. The discussion of framing in the text is relatively straightforward, but
make sure that you acknowledge and understand how offscreen space functions as a dynamic
variable in composition, and how open and closed framing differ from each other. When movement
is added to static composition, as it always is in movies, the space outside of the frame becomes an
important part of our viewing experience, and thus an important part of mise-en-scène.

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Check-in post

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