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BFA312 Management Accounting
EXAMINATION Information – Semester 1 2022
Instructions: Don’t be late –
You will need:
a. a quiet room with no interruptions and no other people, devices, phones, books or any other
unauthorised materials within reach.
b. avoid having a window behind you (or close curtains). Best to have light in front of you (open curtain)
c. a computer/laptop with webcam & mic (inbuilt) and an internet connection. For maximum efficiency:
i. In the days before the exam: Video call a friend using your laptop to check webcam & mic. Clear
your CACHE memory. Instructions on how to clear your browser cache can be found here.
ii. On the day of the exam: Before going to MyLO to start the exam, close down your computer and
Re-start to make sure nothing else is running in the background.
iii. only use Google CHROME to access MyLO.
d. downloaded RESPONDUS LOCK-DOWN BROWSER – Respondus information is here
e. your STUDENT ID CARD (or other photo ID – passport or driver’s licence)
f. The Start-up Sequence will guide you through a webcam check and check other required items, such as
showing your student ID card and doing a check of your room environment AND workspace. See the
additional instructions about the environment check and invigilation process below.
The time only starts when you select the START QUIZ link (after all the checks have been done).
You may use a non-programmable calculator during the exam. NO MOBILE PHONES allowed. No other
materials are allowed. NO BOOKS. NO SMART WATCHES OR other ELECTRONIC devices – No Earphones!
Any unauthorised material in your possession after the exam starts will be regarded as possible evidence of
cheating or attempting to do so and will be reported.
Important: Once a quiz has been started with the LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the Submit Quiz
button has been selected. If you have time you will be given the opportunity to go back over your work to
check it but once you SUBMIT it, it will finish. You can “save” each question as you go but it does save
automatically as you go. However, at the end you must SUBMIT. Your remaining time is shown at the top of
the page. When the time disappears, your time has finished and you MUST SUBMIT.
Think about Respondus Monitor as the Supervisor/invigilator in an Exam Room. You must show ALL your
workspace and materials you have. Failure to do this may result in you being reported for attempting to cheat.
These are the instructions for the environment check that you will see on the Respondus set up procedure:
Make sure the area around your computer and within reach is clear of all unauthorised materials papers,
books, phones, other devices etc. STAND UP with your laptop/webcam – stand one step behind your chair
and facing your workspace.
Click “Start Recording” and slowly tilt/pan your webcam so a brief video can be made of ALL your
workspace area.
Move the webcam to show everything at eye level to your right and moving slowly around to your left,
showing everything directly in front of you (extra screen, stands, blank wall)… then move the camera
down to your workspace/desk area and pan back along your workspace from left to right.
Remember to show your calculator and both sides of your one A4 ‘Trouble-shooting’ sheet of paper for
rough work. Show your phone being switched off and place well out of reach behind you. Click “Stop
Recording” when finished.
BFA312 Management Accounting
EXAMINATION Information – Semester 1 2022
STEPS to follow if you have a problem:
For problems before ‘Start Quiz’
1. Close the browser window and MyLO, close the computer to reboot – then restart
2. Webcam won’t work? For inbuilt webcams – check the cover is open; Check plugs & connections. Re-start.
3. If there is a problem setting up Respondus, take a screen shot of the problem and email your unit coordinator
immediately ( ) OR phone me on +613 6226 5732
For problems after you ‘Start Quiz’
1. Once a quiz has been started with the LockDown Browser, you cannot stop.
2. If the technology fails completely (or there’s a power outage) and connection is lost:
Take a screen shot
Turn off your computer, and restart
Enter the quiz again… your work saves automatically, and the time clock will still be continuing even
if you lost connection. All of this will show in your log and we can deal with the interruption and
make any necessary adjustments on a case by case basis.
3. If you cannot re-establish connection within a few minutes:
a. Take a screen shot
b. Go to BFA312 MyLO homepage and check announcements.
c. If there is a problem that affects many students, I will put a notice in announcements.
d. If there is no general announcement, email or phone me immediately (
); phone: +613 6226 5732
For other problems during the exam:
4. Speak to the webcam: During the exam if you have a query about any question or term used, speak to the
webcam and explain your problem. State what the problem is and the assumption you will make to enable
you to continue answering the question. Audio is also being recorded. There will be a space at the end of the
exam for you to make a note of any question where you may have left a recorded message to make it easier
for the examiner to find and consider during marking.
5. Speak to the webcam if you experience any intermittent technical difficulties/flutters, describe as clearly and
explicitly as possible what is happening and any messages you might see on the screen (eg. poor connection
warning)…. KEEP GOING. The system will adjust for poor connections. If you can still use the Quiz (Exam) –
JUST KEEP GOING…. DO NOT leave your seat for any reason and do not go for your phone!
NOTE: Questions about the exam need to be posted to the MyLO discussion board for the benefit of all.
Only questions about your personal circumstance should be emailed to your lecturer. Good Luck!

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