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1) Write the product of the numerators
over the product of the denominators,
then simplify. Change each number to a
improper fraction, then multiply the and
2) Multiply the dividend by the reciprocal
of the divisor. Change each number to a
improper fraction, then divide and
3)When you have a pizza party and all
the kids need to have the equal amounts.
When built my deck, it is 17ft1/3 in wide
and 45ft long. We had to multiply the
best way to make the 16ft long 2×6
would fit and how many we need
without too much waist.
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TF ll
2020 4:21 PM
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1. How do you multiply proper
fractions? How do you multiply mixed
1a: You multiply the numerators (top number) of
each fraction to come up with the numerator of
the answer. The you multiply the denominators
(bottom number) of both numbers to get the
denominator of the answer. EX: 8/3 X 9/5=
72/15 or 24/5 (simplified)
1b: Change all the mixed numbers to improper
fractions. Multiply the numerators together, and
then the denominators together. Then Simplify.
2. How do you divide proper fractions?
How do you divide mixed numbers?
2a: Write out the first fraction, and then use the
reciprocal of the second. Multiply the
numerators, and then the denominators.
2b: Change to improper fractions. Write a new
division problem with the improper fractions.
KCF rewrite as multiplication problem. Multiply
numerators, and then denominators,. Simplify.
3. Give an example of how/when you use
fractions (including addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division, and or ordering
of) in your day to day activities outside of
math class.
3. As ironically as it sounds being in this class;
I’m a Mortgage Broker. ( a very good one too!) /
use Fractions, ratios, multiplication, division,
subtraction daily to determine how much a
borrower is preapproved for to purchase a home
or to refinance their current mortgage.
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