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The assignment is about liters ml kg lbs and the converting the numbers to the right measurements

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MAT101: Week 3 Assignment Details
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Week 3 Assignment: Measurement
Assignment Overview
The healthcare industry is comprised of a vast array of jobs, ranging from nursing assistants to
physicians. The metric system is the most widely used measurement system in the world: it is also the
primary measurement system used in the medical field. Professionals must have the ability to convert
units of measurement within and between the metric and US customary systems. They must also be
able to perform accurate calculations with measurements and express the results with the correct unit
Assignment Details:
Perform the following tasks:

Complete the reading assignment before attempting this assignment.
Attend the instructor session to prepare for this assignment.
Review the scenario and respond to the questions that follow.
Use the Microsoft Equation Editor or similar tool for inserting mathematical equations and
symbols. Calculations must be free of mathematical errors.
• Responses to questions must have correct spelling and grammar.
• Submit Week 3 Assignment via Blackboard by clicking on the “Week 3 Assignment” link.
• Include the proper file naming convention: MAT101_wk3_assn_jsmith_mmddyyyy.
Molly is a medical assistant working at a clinic in a large metropolitan area. Currently, Molly is training
Sam, a new employee who has just joined the staff. Sam is taking classes in order to prepare for
admission to the medical assistant program at a local community college. Molly is helping Sam learn
some of the skills he will need as a medical assistant. Make sure to include the correct unit for each
1) Sam counted 12 liters of hand sanitizer in the storage cabinet. He fills the dispensers in seven of
the examination rooms as follows: 350 mL, 600 mL, 475 mL, 580 mL, 650 mL, 720 mL, and 500
Show work here
Final answer with units
a. How many total milliliters
did Sam use to fill the
b. After filling the dispensers,
how many liters of sanitizer
remain in the storage cabinet?
2) The clinic has 3 liters of flu vaccine on hand. Each flu shot consists of 5 milliliters of the vaccine.
MAT101: Week 3 Assignment Details
Page 2
Show work here
Final answer with units
a. Sam needs to know how
many 5 milliliter flu injections
he can get from the 3 liter
b. If the clinic gives 350 flu
shots this week, how many
liters of the vaccine will be
3) Sam needs to refill the ammonium solution dispenser in one of the exam rooms with 1 liter 275
milliliters of the solution.
Show work here
Final answer with units
If he fills the dispenser from a
6 liter container, how many
liters of ammonium solution
will be left in the container?
4) Sam weighed and measured an infant at the clinic today. The baby weighed 8.5 kg and was
60.5 cm long. The baby’s mother wanted to know the baby’s weight in pounds and length in
inches. (Use the following conversion factors: 1 kg = 2.2 lb. and 1 in = 2.54 cm)
Show work here
Final answer with units
a. The baby weighs how
many pounds?
b. The baby’s length is how
many inches?
5) Sam gave the mother of the sick child a 16 fl oz bottle of liquid medication and told her the child
should take 30 mL twice a day. (Use the following conversion factors: 1 fl oz = 30 mL, 1 tbsp. =
15 mL)
Show work here
a. How many tablespoons is
one dose?
Final answer with units
MAT101: Week 3 Assignment Details
Page 3
b. How many mL will the child
take in one day?
c. How many fl oz is this?
d. How many days will the
bottle of medication last?
Grading Criteria
Question #1
Question #2
Question #3
Question #4
Question #5
Total Points

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converting the numbers

right measurements


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