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Read Beyond rhetoric: Authentically supporting a growth mindset.pdf Actions by Kathy Liu Sun. As you write your reflection, be sure to address the following questions. Remember to follow the format guidelines outlined on the Readings and Reflections Format page. What were the main points of the article? What is the purpose of the article?What are some situations that might trigger a fixed-mindset view of our students?What strategies can we use to authentically promote growth-mindsets in students?How will the ideas in this article impact your future teaching of mathematics? Readings and Reflections Format : 500-550 words,single-spaced,12-point font,Times New Roman, one-inch margins, andin paragraph form. Also, be sure to use APA in-text citation formatting if quoting or paraphrasing an idea from an article (see Owl at Purdue (Links to an external site.) for help with APA citations). The heading (using the heading feature in Microsoft Word) should contain your name and class number e.g. MATH 1330.001, and the footer (using the footer feature in Microsoft Word) should contain your exact word count. I attached the format example and the article.

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Janessa Beach
MATH 311.001
The foundation of implementing the 5 practices is the anticipation of students’ thinking
and monitoring their work. Without successfully completing these, the rest of the practices
cannot effectively occur. Observing a lesson from Nick Bannister allows the reader an insight
into how these two practices will work in a classroom. After establishing his goals for the
lesson, Mr. Bannister began to consider many different paths students might take to solve the
Calling Plans task. He planned for different intervals used in a table, the idea of using zero
minutes, and a misunderstanding or money represented in decimal form. With these in mind, he
prepared some specific questions to ask students and considered how to keep his lesson
proceeding to accomplish his mathematical goals. Inside the classroom, Nick encountered
several groups that did have the problems he anticipated, but also several that he did not. He did
make a table to help him keep track or groups’ strategies with a short description. Roaming the
room, the teacher questioned students to help them get back on track with the lesson. All of
these things occurred in his monitoring process.
Anticipating what students might do is no easy feat; however, I feel like Mr. Bannister
did an effective job in this process. The ideas he came up with were excellent: how different
increments would affect students’ perception, the possibility of starting at a number other than
zero, notational mishaps, and confusion on the dependent and independent variables. All of
these problems were planned for and prepared for. Another thing he arranged for was
completing his mathematical goals. It is easy for a student to side-track a teacher away from the
lesson. In fact, I have personally been in many classes where we tried to prevent the teacher
from reaching his or her goal. Making a chart and anticipating where students might rabbit trail
will help him stay focused.
While monitoring students, Mr. Bannister kept a record of how each group responded to
the task. He also questioned them about their process. Instead of telling a group they were not
going in the correct direction, he asked them to explain what they were doing, and the students
discovered mistakes for themselves. Not only did he direct confused students’ thoughts, but he
questioned groups who were working in the right direction to delve further into the topic. In this,
we see the teacher’s use of Bloom’s Taxonomy comprehension level which I learned about in
Reading in the Secondary Content Area. By previous information, we may conclude he has
worked in the knowledge level. Asking them to explain, discuss, and report helps students
Nick Banister asked good questions of himself while anticipating students’ possible
reactions. Not only is this a good representation of the process I could employ in the future, it is
also ideas my own students will have one day. It is not possible to think of every way students
will attempt problems, but planning for some really will help the guesswork on my part.
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