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Russia and Its Neighbors
Mid-term (take-home) exam
Roman Zlotin
Essay of one compulsory and two chosen questions (at least 15 page, total) for
graduate section, and one compulsory and two chosen questions (at least 10 pages,
total) for undergraduate section should be written in 12-pt font, double-spaced paper
with 1″ margins on both sides and turned in to the class on March 10, 2016.
Compulsory question
Comparatively analyze general features of economy in the periods of:
(a) Stalin’s industrialization, (b) Khrushchev’s agricultural reforms, (c) Brezhnev’s
stagnation, (c) Gorbachev’s crisis, (d) Yeltsin’s market reforms, and (e) Putin’s economic
Chosen questions
You have to choose two topics from the following list:
(1) What are the main causes and geographic patterns of distribution of three
global environmental problems: deforestation, acid rain, desertification?
(2) Analyze the general features of climate in North Eastern Eurasia
(3) Characterize the major landforms and features of hydrography (rivers, lakes,
and seas) in North Eastern Eurasia
(4) Comparatively describe the features of biodiversity in three biomes of North
Eastern Eurasia: tundra, taiga and steppe
(5) Describe the process of populating of Russia and origination of the Russian
Analyze the political situation and economic, social and environmental conditions
in the USSR and Russia in the phase of:
(6) Stalin
(7) Khrushchev
(8) Brezhnev
(9) Gorbachev
(10) Yeltsin
(11) Putin
(12) Why did the Soviet Union fall apart?
(13) Analyze causes and patterns of the environmental degradation in
Russia and other NIS
(14) Analyze environmental policy and nature conservation in the former USSR
and contemporary Russia

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