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I have ( applied algebra for health sciences ) homeworkit is 11 problems. I need these problems to be solved correctly “step by step”

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MT 113 – Problem Set 2 (Version B)
Each problem set in this class is worth 20 points.
See the syllabus for an explanation of how the problem set grades are determined.
Each of the problem sets in this class will require that you scan (or photograph) your solutions to the set of problems
provided. Your solutions should be neatly hand written and should be presented in order.
Submit assignments as a PDF document. You can do this using the CAM SCANNER APP on your phone or using a scanner.
The Cam Scanner App merges the pictures on your phone into a PDF. DO NOT WASTE your time trying to type your work
in a word document. Math practice should be WRITTEN, not typed. It is generally easier to follow your thought process if
I can see your written work. You are less likely to leave out steps, and I will be better able to give you constructive
feedback. Please talk to me if you wish to submit your work in some other format. They are due by 10 PM Central Time
on the days they are due. See the weekly schedules on Canvas for the due dates, but they are generally due on Saturdays.
Each of you must turn in your own solutions to these problems, but you are strongly encouraged to work in small groups
on these assignments (the goal being that you can help each other understand how to do the problems).
Helping others understand the concepts in this course will deepen your own understanding. Working with others in a
relaxed environment can make it easier to ask questions when you are puzzled about something, but please do not
hesitate to ask me for help if you need it.
Do not assume that you are responsible only for those problems that appear on the problem sets. I cannot cover
everything in a set of 11 problems. The sample problems found on the chapter worksheets provide a somewhat larger
range of problems. Please make use of the Canvas discussion boards to help each other with these problem sets. I want
everyone in the class to succeed, but I can only do so much. Mathematics is not a spectator sport. It is important that
you put in sufficient time as you work to understand the concepts and as you work the problems. It is especially
important in an accelerated class like this one not to let yourself fall behind. As in most mathematics classes, the material
that appears later in the course builds on the earlier material. When you have questions, please post questions on the
CANVAS DISCUSSION board for the week.
Problem Set 2
1. (a) Use the notation of dimensional analysis to justify your answer the following question: How many seconds are in
the month of May?
(b) Use the notation of dimensional analysis to justify your answer the following question: How many years are in one
billion seconds? (To account for leap years, use that there are 365.25 days per year on average.)
2. Use the notation of dimensional analysis to justify your answer the following question: If a medication contains 250
milligrams per teaspoon (mg/tsp), how much of the medication is contained in a 2.5 mL injection? Use the fact that there
are 6 teaspoons in a fluid ounce.
3. (a) Use the notation of dimensional analysis to justify your answer the following question: A patient weighs 164
pounds. What is the patient’s weight in kilograms?
(b) Use the notation of dimensional analysis to justify your answer the following question: A patient weighs 98.7
kilograms. What is the patient’s weight in pounds?
4. Convert 9.5μg/ml to g/dL.
5. (a) Convert 78°F to °C
(b) Convert 45°C to °F
6. (a) In a 2 in 11 dilution, what is the ratio of serum to saline?
(b) If the ratio of serum to saline is 3 to 12, what is the dilution?
7. (a) A saline solution containing 9% NaCl is diluted using a 1/6 dilution. What is the final concentration of NaCl in the
diluted solution?
(b) 50 mL of a serum is mixed with 150 mL of a diluent. This solution is diluted 1/5. What is the final concentration of
serum in the final mixture?
8. (a) A solution with a concentration of 60% is diluted so that the final concentration is 12%. What was the dilution?
(b) A solution with a concentration of 50% is diluted so that the final concentration is 8%. What was the dilution?
9. How much NaCl and how much diluent would be required to make 150 g of a 12% w/w NaCl solution?
10. (a) How would a pharmacist make 420 mL of an 8% w/v morphine solution?
(b) How would a pharmacist make 140 mL of a 65% w/v lidocaine solution?
11. Suppose we have only 100 g of medical-grade NaCl on hand.
(a) How much of a 9% w/v NaCl solution can be made if we use all 100 g of available NaCl.
(b) If the 100 g of NaCl is dissolved in 10 dL of water, what is the percentage of NaCl in this solution?

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Volume of diluent

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