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Internet Assignment 2: The Chemistry of Ocean Water
More than 70 chemical elements are dissolved in sea water however; the following ten
elements make up 99.9% of the ocean salts.
Log on to the interactive periodic table of elements and
Find and list the chemical symbol for the elements listed below (i.e. O, H,) or chemical formula
for compounds (i.e. CO2). Also, list one interesting fact or use for each element or compound.
Sulfate (Sulphur or Sulfer)
Borate (Boron)
These are other important elements, gasses, and compounds found in ocean water:
Carbon Dioxide
Internet Problem 3: Sediment Thickness on the Ocean Floor
The following is a map and link to the NOAA Total Sediment Thickness Map (in progress)
For a larger version of this map go to:
Looking at this map while reviewing the textbook and Instructor’s Notes for Chapters 2 and
4, and answer the following questions. Pay special attention to the distinction between active
and passive continental margins (the two types of continental margins are related to, but not
the same as, lithosphere plate boundaries).
This map is from NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center that has been constructed using
ocean core data and seismic reflection profiles showing the thickness of sediment “sitting” on
top of the oceanic crust (or continental crust at continental margins). You should remember
that the map that you used in IP1 was a map showing the age of the basalt oceanic crust. This
Total Sediment Thickness map shows the thickness of sediment deposited on top of oceanic
1) What is the maximum thickness of sediment on the ocean floor?
2) Where is the sediment thickest, near the continents or on the deep ocean floor?
3) Where is the sediment thinnest, near the continents or in the deep oceans?
4) Is there a logical reason for the location of thick sediment deposits relative to thinner
5) If so, what is that reason?
The western margin of South America is a convergent plate boundary between the Pacific Plate
made up of oceanic crust, and the South American Plate is made up of continental crust. There
is an oceanic trench just offshore, and the volcanic Andes Mountains (magmatic arc) are inland.
The eastern margin of South America is a passive continental margin. This was located at a
divergent plate boundary (180 mya) but now lies well within the South American plate.
6) On which side of the South American continent (east or west) is the sea floor sediment
7-8) Formulate a hypothesis based on Plate Tectonic Theory which explains the difference in
sediment thickness on the two South American continental margins (i.e. eastern and western)
9) In comparison to the South America’s western and eastern continental margin, is Africa’s
western margin (Atlantic margin) an active or passive continental margin?

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