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School of Engineering
AY2022 Semester 1 – W05 – 07 MINI GRADED ASSIGNMENT
Module Code
Module Name
Engineering Cost Decisions
Graded Assignment
Release Week
Submission Week
E213 Individual work and
individual submission
On the day of lesson
W07 at 2359
You are planning to do a business with your friends and estimated that you need to have
$50,000 as capital to start your business. You projected that the investment period for the
business will be more than 8 years.
Identify possible revenue, expenses and salvage value for your business and submit your
business proposal. Decide whether your investment is feasible and worth to proceed. You
should apply few different methods that you have learnt in E213 lessons 5 (Equivalent Worth
or Capital Recovery) and 6 (IRR or ERR), compare each method and conclude.
Comment on certainty of your investment proposal. How will you analyse this risk? Demonstrate
it with calculation on 2 factors changes (1 factor to increase and 1 factor to decrease) using
method that you have learnt in lesson 7 (Sensitivity Analysis).
E.g, Assuming you have sales, quantity, cost, price as factors, you should choose 2
different factors to do calculation to see the impact to your investment:
– e.g, Sales -> 20% change (increase)
– e.g, Cost -> -30% change (decrease)
The content of your proposal is expected to cover but not limited to the following aspects:
• Background and product of your business
• Identify costs that are required to be included in your business
• Draw cashflow diagram of your business
• Include all workings and detail of calculation (Factor notation method should be used)
• Share feasible solutions and alternatives that are considered
• Conclude your studies
• Document all your assumptions

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business proposal

New Century Green Packaging

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