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EZ Inflatables Inc.
EZ Inflatables Inc. (EZ Inflatables or the “Company”) manufactures and leases inflatable
bounce houses to party-planning businesses as well as various third-party customers.
The Company entered into a contract with The Function Junction LLC to be the sole
provider of bounce houses for all its events for a period of three years. The Function
Junction holds weekly events, with EZ Inflatables providing its inflatable bounce houses
for every event. After the initial three-year period, the contract is renewable in one-year
increments. The average customer relationship period typically lasts for five years (the
initial three-year term plus two one-year renewals). The Company has concluded that the
contract does not contain a lease within the scope of ASC 840 [ASC 842], and therefore
accounts for the arrangement as a contract with a customer within the scope of ASC 606.
As an incentive to execute new customer contracts, the Company offers its sales
representative a one-time $5,000 commission, which is earned and payable to the sales
representative as soon as the contract is executed with the customer. No additional
commission is paid to the sales representative upon renewal of the contract by the
The sales representative incurred $500 in travel costs to travel to The Function Junction’s
headquarters to perform a demonstration.
EZ Inflatables incurred approximately $2,000 in external legal costs to draft the contract
executed between the Company and The Function Junction.
1. Does ASC 606, Revenue From Contracts With Customers, address the treatment
of incremental costs of obtaining a contract?
2. Which costs are incremental costs of obtaining the contract, and therefore are
required to be capitalized?
3. How should EZ Inflatables determine the appropriate amortization method, and
over what period should the Company amortize any capitalized costs?
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