NYU Public Health and Water Quality Discussion


Please answer the questions below based on the readings and reliable sources. Your answers should be complete and to the point. To obtain a high score, the following must be done:plagiarism must be less than 20 percent, depending on TurnitinPut sources for the answersAttach the assignment at the specified day and timeAnswer all the multi-questions parts

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1. (a) Define backflow and distinguish between the two types
of backflow. (b) Give an example of a cross connection. (c)
Comment on their frequency, their causes, and what can be
done to prevent them.
2. (a) Define desalination. (b) Comment on the salinity of the
source water vs. freshwater. (c) Identify and discuss
operational requirements and associated concerns for running
a desalination facility. (d) Highlight the number of
desalination facilities and future trends.
3. Regarding distribution system management, (a) discuss
relevant operational considerations (e.g., disinfectant residual,
piping materials, operating pressure, contamination, water
quality sampling, corrosion). (b) What encourages biofilm
regrowth and what preventative measures may be taken to
control its occurrence?
4. (a) Compare/contrast unidirectional and traditional
flushing. (b) Discuss the operations, considerations, and
benefits of unidirectional flushing.
5. For each of the following rules, identify (a) what systems it
applies to, (b) what contaminants it addresses, (c) what other
requirements it is associated with, and (d) the benefits
projected, and corresponding costs: (1) Stage 2
Disinfection/DBP Rule; (2) Groundwater Rule; (3) Long Term
2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

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Water Quality

Water system pressure

inequality to natural resources

downstream substances

water sediments

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