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Please watch the first episode of the outlanders and answer these wuestions.

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Learning about Scotland
How to watch the episode?
Go to “Google Classroom” (on a computer or using the app) and
enter the following code = d5gczss
You will then access the “English culture” class and you will find
the link to watch the episode
1. In what country is this series set?
2. Who is the proprietor and housekeeper of the inn where
Claire and Frank are staying?
3. With whom did Claire live after the age of five?
4. Who is Reverend Wakefield’s housekeeper?
5. Who reads Claire’s fortune?
6. Where do Frank and Claire go to observe the Scottish women’s
ancient rituals?
7. Who is the first person Claire meets when she wakes up ?
8. What is the first medical procedure that Claire performs in her new surroundings?
9. What is the name of the character with whom Claire shares a horse ?
A. Setting analysis. List technologies mentioned in the episode to which Claire now no
longer has access. By contrast, list the objects that occur in the episode that Claire
would never normally have seen in the 1940s.
B. Classroom discussion. How does Claire figure out that she is in a new period? She has
to use subtle clues to determine her surroundings in the same way that the reader
does; she does not simply know that she has gone backwards in time 200 years. How
does she handle this temporal upset?
C. Group discussion

One point of contention between the 1940s and the 1740s is women’s
acceptable dress. How do the men respond to Claire’s outfit? What do they
think it tells about her? By contrast, what does Claire think her clothing says
about herself?

Compare the Scottish Highlands from the 1940s to the 1740s. Unlike the United
States, European countries have much longer histories and do not change as
much in the span of 200 years. List the things that Claire recognizes as
essentially the same between the two periods. Does she notice any subtle
differences in the objects that she recognizes from her own period?
1. In order to get a better grasp of the coming events in the show, look at a map of
Scotland and try to ascertain its important landmarks.
2. Where is Loch Ness in relation to Edinburgh?
3. How far are the Scottish Highlands from England and from France?
4. Also look at a topographical map, if you can find one. How high are the Scottish
Highlands? What sort of terrain do the characters have to manage?
5. Find out if the places such as “Inverness” and “Craigh Na Dun” are real or fictional names?
What did you learn about them?

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medical procedure

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Ancient Rituals


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