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Please read and respond. The highlighted area is the portion of the learning
team assignment chosen. All notes are here, as well as instructor notes for the
First, you need to select just one location not both Liberia and Arizona. The info on AZ was
redundant and off path and needs to be redone to specifically apply to the assignment. The
part on Liberia was good but probably for a different kind of paper, so as a team you have
a very fast decision to make and then to go and get the research needed to make a realistic
city for 1,000 people with appropriate services, etc. The Week Two readings and Outline
will help you target that. Then you all need to stay in active touch to get this rewritten so
that it adheres to the assignment required criteria. Don’t stress over this, just help each
other supportively to get the job done quickly and at the academic level you want.
Group Project:
Natural Resources and Growth Presentation
Based on your previous findings during the creation of a city with your Learning Team in Week Three, the Urban
Planning Department has asked you to prepare a presentation. You need to discuss the future of your city’s economic
growth over the next 10 years.
Resource: Physical Landscapes and Climate Report from Week Three
Complete a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of at least 10 slides that addresses the following questions:

Are there enough natural resources to sustain your current population of 1,000?
Will those same resources also provide for economic growth? Why or why not? < selected bullet How will global warming affect those resources? How will you use geographical knowledge to assist you in planning the future of this city? Conclusion Formatting PPP Present your Natural Resources and Growth Presentation. • For Online and Directed Study students, these are Microsoft ® PowerPoint® presentations with notes PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 2 Liberia is officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country in West Africa bordered by Sierra Leone to its west, Guinea to its north and Ivory Coast to its east. According to It covers an area of 111,369 square kilometers (43,000 sq mi) and is home to about 4 million people. English is the primary language and over thirty indigenous languages are also spoken within the country. Its coastline is composed mostly of mangroves, populated inland consists of forests opening onto a plateau of drier grasslands. The climate is hot and equatorial, with an amount of rainfall during the May–October, harsh and dusty winds the remainder of the year. The country possesses about forty percent of the remaining Upper Guinean rainforest. Liberia is the only country in Africa founded by United States colonization while occupied by native Africans. Beginning in 1820, the region was colonized by African Americans, most of whom were freed slaves. The colonizers (who later become known as Americo-Liberians) established a new country with the help of the American Colonization Society, a private organization whose leaders thought former slaves would have greater opportunity in Africa. African captives freed from slave ships by the British and Americans were sent there instead of being repatriated to their countries of origin. In 1847, this new country became the Republic of Liberia, establishing a government modeled on that of the United States and naming its capital city Monrovia after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States and a prominent supporter of the colonization. The colonists and their descendants, known as Americo-Liberians, led the political, social, cultural PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 3 and economic sectors of the country and ruled the nation for over 130 years as a dominant minority. The country began to modernize in the 1940s following investment by the United States during World War II and economic liberalization under President William Tubman. Liberia was a founding member of the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity. In 1980 a military coup overthrew the America-Liberian leadership, marking the beginning of political and economic instability and two successive civil wars. These resulted in the deaths of between 250,000 and 520,000 people and devastated the country's economy. A peace agreement in 2003 led to democratic elections in 2005. Today, Liberia is recovering from the lingering effects of the civil wars and their consequent economic upheaval, but about 85% of the population continues to live below the international poverty line. Physical Landscapes and Climate Report One particular site in Arizona that holds potential for the development of a self-contained city that can sustain a population of 1000 residents is located in Mohave county. The coordinates for this particular site can be found at 34 15' 24.97"N 113 37' 24.84"W. This particular site is located within close proximity to Alamo Lake. With a vast majority of other landscapes in Arizona that are managed by the Bureau of Land Management being either wildlife reserves, national forest, abandoned mines, wilderness study area, national conservation areas and national monuments, or Indian reservations, this location is far enough away from other cities, and earthquake zones to give residents the opportunity to be close to nature without the worries of major highways bring in unwanted rises in population, as well as a sense of security knowing PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT that even though earthquakes have been known to occur in Arizona, none have occurred in this particular area. Photos courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management Map courtesy of Cartesia Map Art US Terrain 4 PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 5 Bureau of Land Management Sites in Arizona description of the physical attributes The Bureau of Land Management oversees 12.2 million surface acres of land (and another 17.5 million subsurface acres) in Arizona. Some of this property is organized as designated wilderness, wilderness study area, National Conservation Area and National Monument but a large part of the property held by the BLM is essentially empty and available for most public uses ("Abandoned Mine Lands", 2014). The Bureau of Land Management’s Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) program enhances public safety and improves water quality by reducing or eliminating the effects of past hardrock mining in the western United States. BLM maintains an inventory of known abandoned mine lands on public lands ("Abandoned Mine Lands", 2014). Most of the sites are abandoned hardrock mines. As of April 18, 2014, the inventory contained nearly 46,000 sites and 85,000 features. Approximately 23% of the sites have either been remediated, have reclamation actions planned or underway, or do not require further action. The remaining 80% require further investigation and/or remediation ("Abandoned Mine Lands", 2014). The BLM and its partners are working on sharing and displaying AML spatial data within a National Mine Land Inventory. BLM and its “Cooperative Conservation” partners mitigate hazards to protect public health and safety, and restore watersheds for resources, recreation, fish, and wildlife. The AML program helps restore the environment and improve safety for visitors and users of public lands ("Abandoned Mine Lands", 2014). Within the BLM, the AML program coordinates projects with the BLM's Hazardous Materials Management program. Many AML sites have hazardous material features that need to be remediated. The Bureau of Land Management Sites in Arizona description of the physical attributes. A tunnel site is a subsurface right-of-way under Federal land open to mineral entry. It is used for access to lode mining claims or to explore for blind or undiscovered veins, PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 6 lodes, or ledges not currently claimed or known to exist on the surface ("Abandoned Mine Lands", 2014). A tunnel site can be up to 3,000 feet in length. Provisions of the Mining Law allow for the development of local rules that are consistent with federal law. Therefore, individual states can have their own manner of locating and recording mining claims, tunnels sites, and mill sites. Always check with the appropriate state for state specific laws and regulations ("Abandoned Mine Lands", 2014). Brief Analysis of how climate has shaped the area According to the Arizona Bureau of Land Management site it states that the climate of this land is large landscapes of connected geographical regions that have similar environmental characteristics, such as the Sonoran Desert and the Colorado Plateau. These landscapes have administrative boundaries and can encompass all of portions of several BLM’s (Bureau of Land Management). These public lands are experiencing very rough times with the increase of widespread environmental challenges. When the land was first founded the BLM didn’t have the issue of conserving the land because there was so much of it, the BLM didn’t have enough to cover all the land they had. Now, they are experiencing the growth and management of wildfires, weeds, and insect outbreaks. They also have to provide energy for development and urban growth while still having to embrace the impacts from climate change. The climate has changed drastically from when they first started the BLM until today’s age due to the climate being more dry then it has ever been. This makes it challenging to keep up with the land, crops and also control the fires from burning it all down and taking it over. The dry lands have shaped the area land for the BLM by making it a drier climate. The Arizona bureau of land management sites are a beautiful place where many people go to relax or visit just for site seeing. Many people visit to have adventurous getaway. The PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 7 climate over the years has affected the land due to heavy rainfall and frequent flashfloods. There have been many wildfires during the past few years and have affect the area. If these things continue it will affect the land a great deal. They are continuously trying to find ways to control the wildfires that are occurring in the area. I feel in the next year if they don’t learn to control the wildfires it will start to destroy parts of the land. If the temperature keeps rising there will be more droughts, more frequent wildfires, and the water supply will keep decreasing. It will affect the vegetation in the area in a bad way. Resource values like energy food and shelter will not be conserved due to all the changes. The amount of people coming to visit will decrease due to invasive species as well as noxious weeds taking over the area. These changes will not take a great affect on the area if the BLM implements the new plans they have to conserve renewable energy. The plan they have set using the Arizona Restoration Design Energy Project (RDEP) will help make the wildlife and water resources better for the area. If the BLM finds a way to control the wildfires and another things caused by the climate change, there may be no changes in the area. Conclusion Conclusion BLM Arizona oversees nearly 12.2 million surface sections of land of open land, and understands that open association is basic. The area used arranging procedure, which permits people in general to get included simultaneously, gives BLM representatives an outline about how people in general area ought to be overseen. BLM Arizona's mission is to maintain the wellbeing, differences and profit of people in general, and area use arranging is a basic region of contribution. PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 8 Arizona additionally has related natural archives that address numerous developing and evolving requests. Too, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reports, which are connected with the area utilization arrangements, help BLM directors to comprehend the effect their choices can have on people, and the earth. It also includes the general society in the arranging process right from the beginning. We urge you to get included in the arranging methodology to help decide how general society terrains will be overseen. Contribution by everybody, who is intrigued by general society grounds, will help guarantee that the best general conceivable arrangement is produced. References Department of the interior and arizona bureau of land management announce decision for renewable energy development. (2013, Jan 18). Targeted News Service Retrieved from PHYSICAL LANDSCAPES AND CLIMATE REPORT 9 Bureau of land management. Retrieved from U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management. (N.D). Retrieved from Abandoned Mine Lands. (2014). Retrieved from Google Earth, 2014 Arizona BLM Planning Areas 2014 .pdf Bergman, E. F., & Renwick, W. H. (2011). Introduction to geography: People, places & environment (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. 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