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I just re watched this video and I really was amazed at what can be done and
saw this in a new light. We’ve made advances with greener energy and
attitudes are changing, since I saw it last time a few years ago. Regarding if
Americans would be motivated enough to try it, I suspect that many more
today would be than when the video first came out about this idea. The Great
Recession has hit us in the meantime changing many things from what we
can afford thru accepting alternative ideas for producing energy and
reducing waste. Our “yuck” factor is no longer standing in the way of less
expensive energy and environmental solutions about what to do with the
massive amounts of feedlot waste, I think. I researched its usage in the US
and found that it is being promoted and could solve some of the global
warming issues along with the problem of waste removal from the large
scale animal feedlot type of operations. I am surprised and heartened by that
and that we have governmental agencies promoting this today and working
with environmental defense agencies to solve complex issues.
Here is some information from the Natural Resources Defense Council on
their website at
“In 2011, there were about 180 operational biogas recovery systems on
American commercial livestock farms, which produced enough electricity to
power the equivalent of 47,000 homes.[1] The EPA’s AgSTAR program
reported in 2010 that about 8,000 U.S. farms could support biogas recovery
systems, providing about 1,600 megawatts of energy and reducing emissions
of global warming pollution by about 1.8 million metric tons of methane -the equivalent of taking 6.5 million cars off the road.”
“AgSTAR, a voluntary program administered jointly by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture, and
Department of Energy, promotes biogas recovery systems at concentrated
animal feeding operations (CAFOs) across the country.
A single CAFO can generate as much waste as a small to midsized city, and
can affect the water supply and air quality of an area that extends far beyond
the operation itself. There is very little government oversight of these
operations — the EPA does not have a definitive national list — and they pose
very real risks to air and water quality. By capturing manure, biogas
recovery systems can drastically reduce or eliminate untreated waste runoff
from CAFOs, but in the end, strong environmental protections and
government oversight of CAFOs are needed to ensure that the risks of
polluted runoff are mitigated.”
Its a start. What do you think about this information, class?

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