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GEO 215
According to the text Berman & Renwick, 2011, thousands of volcanoes stand dormant many
volcanoes are inactive, but with the potential to erupt at any time around the world. Many
volcanic eruptions occur under water. About 600 are actively spewing lava, ash, and gas some
daily but they rarely cause damage or destruction to earth. Others, however, have not erupted in
hundreds of years, so people have settled nearby. In some areas earthquake watch centers
provide warnings of volcanic eruptions (Berman & Renwick, 2011). But when warnings are not
available, the danger can be great. The 1985 eruption of Nevado del Ruiz, in Colombia, triggered
giant mudslides that buried most of a town, killing 23,000 people. In general, predicting volcanic
eruptions is more accurate than predicting earthquakes, because volcanoes give many warnings
before erupting. Eruptions of composite cone volcanoes have killed tens of thousands of people
at a time, but such disasters are much less frequent than severe earthquakes (Berman & Renwick,
2011). One of the greatest volcanic explosions in recorded history was the 1883 eruption of the
island of Krakatau in present-day Indonesia. Two-thirds of the island was destroyed, and the
event killed about 36,000 people, most of who died in a flood triggered by the eruption. Ash
discharged into the atmosphere by Krakatau significantly blocked sunlight and caused noticeable
cooling of Earth’s climate for a couple of years.
Bergman, E. F., & Renwick, W. H. (2011). Introduction to geography: People, places &
environment (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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