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Read and respond by submitting a 200 word response. References should be directed t the
link provided in the reading!
Define global warming. (We have been trying to do so and it is hard to ascertain an
exact description other than we can see it, feel it, and note it since it is such a huge
compilation of many convergent things happening under Global Warming. Would
you agree or disagree?)
Analyze distribution of natural resources needed for economic growth. Have we
examined and eradicated the American concept that we can only have economic
growth at the expense of the environment? And have we found enough alternative
incentives, processes, methods, products, etc., to be able to have both a better
environment in alignment with economic growth, and that continued environment
degradation will actually degrade economic growth and future prosperity?
Here is an intelligent Opinion Piece looking at the issue of growth at all costs and
understands the different viewpoints about it – some of you may be really intrigued by
this quick link read from Al Jazeera America Online:
Growth for growth’s sake will kill us all
Moral and ecological truths are challenging economic doctrines
April 11, 2014 5:00AM ET
by Gar Alperovitz
Explain how geographical knowledge can assist in future planning.
Think about how you will incorporate geographical knowledge in what
you do daily.

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