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ART102 – Art History II
Setting Up Your Project
Due Date: 11:59 pm EST, Sunday of Unit 1
Points: 25
Throughout the course, you will be assembling a curated collection of art with analyses
that will represent each Unit and its content in a PowerPoint presentation.
Create a PowerPoint template for the project with 18 slides, select a style/theme of your
choice, and include the following information:

Slide 1: create a cover slide with the following:
o Title of your project.
o Course-name.
o Your name.
Label Slide 2 as “13th-14th Century Italy.”
Label Slide 3 as “Innovations in 15th century Northern Europe.”
Label Slide 4 as “Early Renaissance in Italy (15th century).”
Label Slide 5 as “High Renaissance in Italy (1495-1520).”
Label Slide 6 as “The Late Renaissance & Mannerism in 16th Century Italy.”
Label Slide 7 as “Renaissance & Reformation in 16th Century Northern Europe.”
Label Slide 8 as “Baroque Art.”
Label Slide 9 as “Baroque Art.”
Label Slide 10 as “Rococo.”
Label Slide 11 as “Age of Enlightenment or Romanticism.”
Label Slide 12 as “The Age of Positivism.”
Label Slide 13 as “Progress and its Discontents.”
Label Slide 14 as “Toward Abstraction.”
Label Slide 15 as “Art Between the Wars.”
Label Slide 16 as “Postwar to Postmodern, 1945-1980.”
Label Slide 17 as “The Postmodern Era: Art Since 1980.”
Label Slide 18 as “References.” Add the textbook, Janson’s Brief History of Art,
as a reference in APA format.
Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
o Davies, P.J.E., Hofrichter, F.F., Jacobs, J.F., Simon, D.L., & Roberts, A.S.
(2019). Janson’s history of art, volume 2 (8th ed.). Pearson, Inc.

Submit a PowerPoint document.
18 slides in length, including the Title and Reference slides.
At least one resource (the textbook) on the Reference slide.
The title slide and references should be in APA format.
Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before
you write and again after you write.
Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Evaluation Rubric for Setting Up Your Project Assignment
APA Format
0-11 points
Slides do not
have the
information or
have no
0 points
Errors impede
guidelines not
12-15 points
Slides have some
information but
are missing key
3 points
Significant errors
that do not
16-19 points
Slides have some
information but
are missing minor
20 points
All slides contain
the required
4 points
Few errors that
do not impede
5 points
APA compliant,
and error-free.
Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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