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19. A game uses the two spinners shown to tell how to move around the board. Ingrid
makes the organized list shown for the possible outcomes of spinning each spinner
What is the probability that Ingrid will move up an even number of spaces?
A scale drawing of a conference room has a length of 5 inches and a width of
6.5 inches. If the scale is 0.5 inch 8 feet, what is the actual length of the room?
A 80 feet
B. 40 feet
C. 20 feet
D. 10 feet
21. A cardboard mailing tube for posters is in the shape of a right triangular prism, as
shown. The base of the prism is an equilateral triangle.
6 inches
5.2 inches
36 Inches
6 inches
What is the area, in square inches, of the cardboard needed to make the tube without
gaps or overlaps?
A. 463.2 square inches
B. 648 square inches
nisienos Bas
C. 663.6 square inches
D. 679.2 square inches
8. Ondo
22. Mr. Flores charges $530 for car repairs to his credit card, which charges no interest if
paid in full within 9 months. He pays $150 the first month. How much must he pay each
month for the next 8 months so that he pays no interest?
· A. $47.50
B: $58.89
C. $66.25
D. $380.00
supe ou svert
Cino je odno
Dulava .
super lo sulav T A
o coroar o ne lacca
Bedrozeb osta How
lor seg at bude
2. A jacket has a regular price of $80. It is on sale for 10% off. The sales tax is 7%. What
is the total cost of the jacket including tax?
A $81.84
B. $77.04
C. $72.00
D. $66.96
Which phrase describes a relationship that has a constant of proportionality of 4.6?
A. The value of y is equal to the sum of x and 4.6.
B. The value of y is equal to the product of 4.6 and X.
C. The value of y is equal to the sum of 4.6 and the product of 4.6 and X.
D. The value of y is equal to the difference between 4.6 and the product of 4.6 and
26. Mr. Washington drills a water well.
A. The bottom of the well is already at -20 meters. He expects to continue drilling
to at least -55 meters to reach water. He can drill at 3.5 meters each hour. How
much more time, h, in hours, can Mr. Washington expect to drill to reach water?
Write an inequality, and show your work.
B. Mr. Washington estimates that the well should cost no more than $8,000. The
well costs $150 per meter drilled. Is his estimate reasonable? Explain your
26. Continued. Please refer to the previous page for task explanation.
C. Ground conditions cause an increase of 5% to the cost per meter, c. In addition,
the pumping equipment needed adds $1,400 to the total bill. What is the total
cost, t, if water is found at 55 meters deep? Show your work.
nari norantah

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