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GEO215 Week 3 and 4 Open Textbook Quiz
Please see the attached zipped PDFs which has all the
readings for the assignment.
GEO215 Week 4 Individual Assignment: Open Book Quiz
This quiz covers Chapters 2, 3, 4, & 8, which are the required textbook readings for Weeks
3 & 4. They are listed on the Course Materials Webpage in the EBOOK COLLECTION:
Berman, E. F. & Renwick, W. H. (2011). Introduction to geography: People, places and
environment (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.) I have included
Bonus Questions to earn more points in case you get any incorrect answers on the quiz.
Please put your answers here:
Chapter 2
1) The fuel driving the atmosphere is
A) gravity.
B) inertia of motion.
C) solar energy.
D) none of the above
2) Areas near oceans have ________ than areas in the interior of continents because of the great
storage capacity of water.
A) cooler winters, warmer summers
B) warmer winters, cooler summers
C) warmer winters, warmer summers
D) cooler winters, cooler summers
3) Urban heat islands are a result of
A) pavement and buildings storing heat during the day and releasing it at night.
B) increased evapotranspiration in the city.
C) greater insolation.
D) all of the above
4) Summer thunderstorms are typically a product of
A) convection.
B) orographic uplift.
C) frontal uplift.
D) all of the above
5) The seasonal reversal of pressure and wind over a large continent, known monsoon
circulation, is characterized by
A) wind blowing toward the continental interior in the summer and toward the ocean in the
B) wind blowing toward the poles.
C) wind blowing toward the ocean in the winter and toward the continental interior in the winter.
D) wind blowing toward the equator.
Chapter 3:
6) The world’s longest mountain range is
A) the Rockies/Andes Mountain system.
B) the Himalayas.
C) the north-south system of mountains in Eastern Africa.
D) beneath the ocean.
7) Which of the following factors influence the amount of ground shaking caused by
A) the earthquake’s intensity
B) proximity to epicenter
C) unstable ground
D) all of the above
8) The Hawaiian Islands
A) are a series of shield volcanoes.
B) formed from a series of violent volcanic eruptions.
C) lie atop the meeting place of two major tectonic plates.
D) all of the above
9) The San Andreas Fault, where two plates slide past one another, is a famous example of what
kind of plate boundary?
A) divergent
B) convergent
C) transform
D) vertical
Chapter 4:
10) Of the four spheres, which is most important for linking the four together? (Hint: Water is
very important to all things on Earth)
A) hydrosphere
B) lithosphere
C) atmosphere
D) biosphere
11) A soil’s infiltration capacity
A) has little effect on POTET.
B) typically increases when dense vegetation is present at ground level.
C) is a measure of how much sunlight a given type of soil can absorb.
D) all of the above
12) Soil
A) is a mixture of mineral particles, organic materials, water, and air.
B) is formed through a combination of physical, chemical, and biologic processes.
C) is locally variable.
D) all of the above
Chapter 8
13) Agriculture probably originated in
A) Middle East
B) South America.
C) Ethiopia.
D) all of the above
14) Which is not one of the world’s most basic foods?
A) potatoes
B) wheat
C) rice
D) cattle
15) Genetically modified (GM) plants are produced by
A) applying pesticides.
B) using large quantities of fertilizer.
C) joining the DNA of two organisms to produce an organism with recombined DNA.
D) mass production in a factory.

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