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This is for architecture class. So please make sure you know what you’re talking about. Write a well crafted response to these student posts. Use at least 1 scholarly reference, and address the student’s points. Don’t just say you agree or disagree. Say what you agree or disagree with respectfully, and why you do? 300 words for each response.

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For my module two contextual analysis discussion, I decided to pick an architecture
known as the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters. The main architects were
Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren and they decided to build the skyscraper in Beijing,
China. The building is 768 feet and 51 stories in total. The construction of the tower
started in 2004 and was finally finished in 2012. It is The Office for Metropolitan
Architecture’s (OMA) largest project ever and its first major building in China. The two
towers lean towards each other and merge to make a cantilever. The building’s has
different purposes in which the first tower serves as an editing area and offices while the
second tower is dedicated to news broadcasting. It is actually the tallest building in
Beijing due to the collaboration of Chinese and European engineers.
This example of architecture caught my attention while searching on the internet
because of its looks and design. It is very unique to me because usually when a building
looks interesting, it is not usually a skyscraper. The fact that the architect managed to
make a tall building filled with many offices and still make it appealing to the eyes was
fascinating to me. I feel like keeping the color he did helped give it a more professional
look, but it was still a very nice color as well. The piece of art is so well-thought out and
captures many people’s attention when they see it which is why I chose it.
While listening to the architecture presentation, I found the cantilevers very
interesting to read about. The pictures that were shown immediately caught my intention
because I feel that modern and intricate designs more interesting. Cantilevers were not
used until the nineteenth century, making them a later invented way of construction
compared to other types. It took extensive thought in the making of this building
because of the way it looks. Although it looks more unique in its shape, it still looks
normal in the inside and has every function a regular building has. The building itself is
made out of concrete and steel. Concrete, which was first made by the Romans, is
made with hydrate lime, ash, and fist-sized rock. Reinforced concrete allows it to be
shaped and formed into designs, which is what allows the building to have such a
unique shape. The outside is made with steel. Steel is known to be used to make
skyscrapers, for example this one, and for great expanses of interior space. I feel that
using steel was the best option for this building because it allows it to look interesting,
while still keeping it mature. If it was made with wood or only concrete, it would not look
as nearly good as it does with steel. The style of the building is very unique. The style of
a building can help a person know the environment of the building or what the building
is for. For example, a courthouse would not have a unique style building with twists and
turns in it. Instead, it would have a modern look with no designs on it. Strong vertical
lines, like the CCTV tower, show authority and more professionalism. Although the
skyscraper has its own unique style, it is still a building for workplace offices yet still
gives off an appropriate look.
The CCTV skyscraper is similar in a few ways to the oil painting that I analyzed in
module one known as Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent used much repetition
of shape and color as well as the CCTV building. The painting repeated the shapes of
sunflowers because there was a total of twelve and the color yellow was used in
different in different shades to form the entire picture. The architect for this building
decided to repeat the shape as well by making two L-shaped figured form together and
by making the color of the building only a silvery-gray.
This piece of architecture resembles Tae’s chosen artwork from the module one
contextual two-dimensional analysis. He studied Thomas Couture’s oil painting known
as The Romans of the Decadence. The piece of art uses repetition of color like the
piece of architecture does. In the painting, Couture uses different shades of white and
brown that put together the picture. The piece of architecture I chose uses the silverygray as the repeated color for this piece. Also, there are columns in the oil painting that
incorporate line into the painting. They are positioned in the back, but center of the
painting. The CCTV building also incorporates line because it is a very tall building;
therefore, it directs your eyes going up and down. Although these are two completely
different works of art, they still have their similarities.
A social angle associated with this piece of architecture is class. The building itself is
very sophisticated and shows much professionalism. The building being in downtown
Beijing, China, gives it a more intellectual feeling. The people in the building work for a
famous television company and the work they do there is valued. The skyscraper is
wealthy considering where it is placed and how big the company is, so it accentuates
the highbrow architectural type. The architect wanted the building to have class
because it is a major building in Beijing and many people can view it. Overall, the
architecture was very thought out and has a beautiful look to it.
For my second contextual analysis discussion, I have decided to pick a new piece of
architecture which is the Guitar-shaped Hard Rock hotel located in Hollywood Florida.
This hotel was built by Steve Peck. Steve Peck is Hard Rock International main
architect, and is from the Las Vegas-based firm Klai Juba Wald Architecture. This hotel
took nearly 10 years to complete. This beautiul peace of architecture stands at a total of
450 feet tall has 638 hotel rooms, and has 36 stories in the hotel. The totalcost of this
project was 1.5 billion dollars. This is the worlds first guitar shaped hotel. The Guitar
hotel also has lights that you can see at night. The hotel has guitar strings in the middle
of the building and on top of the building there is one bright light that shines in the night
sky ( The light goes approximately another 100 feet above the actual building). The
bright light appears to go much further than 100 feet when you are close to it and when
you are far you it shines the whole sky.
This piece of architecture interested me in so many ways as you don’t see a building
shaped as a guitar everyday. Another reason I picked this hotel to talk about is because
when I lived in South Florida I saw this building progress and start from scratch, and to
see where it is now and see how unique and authentic this design is just makes your
mind blow. The design speaks for itself along with the electrifying lights that go with the
amazing guitar shape. At night the hotel shines the whole city as you can see the hotel
10- 15miles away on the highway. The fact that this building is so tall with this shape
and holding over 600 hotel rooms can be this beautiful in appearence is simply amazing
and the architect has some real talent. The Lines in this piece of architecture give the
building balance as the vertical lines and horizontal lines complement each other and
make this building look balanced or proportioned. The building is humoungous
compared to everything around which is why I consider that scale is a key factor to why
this building looks so humoungous.
When comparing my chosen art work from module 1 (cesi ńest pas une pipe) by painter
Rene Magritte, to the Guitar hotel I chose for this module there is very little that is
similar when you look at it by appearance although if you disect the two pieces of art a
little deeper you see that Magritte’s way of thinking does bring some simililarities
between the two pieces of art. The hotel’s art form is architecture as the art form from
module one was a two dimensional painting. The hotel is a humoungous 450 foot
colorful structure that stands out from miles away oppose to a painting you have to be
less than 20 feet away to see clearly. The painting also doesn’t stand out in color it is
just a pipe with shading. The pipe has multiple laters of shading as the handle on the
pipe is darker than the rest of the pipe. Below the pipe a sentence appears but nothing
that drastically stands out. In Magritte’s painting you see an image of a pipe but below
the image the sentence reads this is not a pipe, which when looking at the building of a
guitar you say to yourself this is a guitar but it is not a guitar when thinking at it in
Magritte’s point of view. Magritte would say this is not a guitar but this is a building.
The social angle for the guitar hotel is culture. The minute this building started being
built South Florida was certainly claiming this hotel as a tourist attraction. For years
South Florida has renovated the highways, and nearby land to make this a real tourist
attraction. South Florida brought this hotel into their culture as they saw this building is
not a regular hotel but a piece of architecture that draws people’s attention from miles
away, the light up colors draw people here not just to stay at the hotel but also for, the
mall inside the hotel, the multiple pools on the rooftop of the hotel or the pools down on
ground level. With this building being at the heart of South Florida the building is now
part of the culture as South Florida is known of a party city as the guitar gives a real
party vibe with the bright lights all throughout the hotel.
The work I analyzed in module one was Banksy’s painting on the street. After reading
and replying to the post about Banksy it really interested me how Banksy makes artwork
mostly throughout the night so he stays anonymous and after all these years of beutiful
paintings he still has been able to keep his identity a mystery. The Banksy painting and
the guitar hotel have a few things in common as they are both colorful pieces of art and
both really fit in downtown Miami. Wynwood walls is a very famous town for street art in
Miami and Banksy’s art would be a perfect fit in South Florida. The pieces of art in terms
of size, shape and the type of artwork are completley opposite although both are
beautiful and deserve to be appreciated in all aspects.

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