Salisbury University Week 1 to 2 Literary Works of the 21st Century Project 4


In Week 1, you identified a local exhibition,
event, presentation, or production of an art form that you could attend
by the end of Week 4. In Week 2, you selected the art form and within
that art form, the specific work of art that you investigate and explore
for your Final Project. In Week 3, you discovered and outlined the
influence of the philosophical and religious environment in the era in
which your chosen work of art was created.To prepare:Please review the preformatted “Final Project Milestone 4” worksheet.

Final Project Milestone 4 (Word document)Write 2–4 paragraphs describing the historical and cultural
context of the literature
written in the same era as the artwork you have chosen.
Please review the “Introduction to the Humanities Through the Arts Final Project” document in this week’s Learning Resources.Use the links in the “Research Resources for the Humanities Through
the Arts Final Project” document regarding the various humanities as a
starting point for the Final Project.Write 2–4 paragraphs describing the historical and cultural
context of the literature
written in the same era as the artwork you have chosen. (essay formated)

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Richard 1
Mardochee Richard
April, 17tn 2021
Walden University
For the final project milestone, I intend to visit a theatre to watch drama and live plays.
The theatre production landscape is one of the breeding grounds where raw talent is developed
into excellent work of creativity and fun. I am always astounded by the work choreographers,
designers, film directors, and music directors, among other people in theaters, put in behind the
scenes to produce creative content and ensure viewers have a good time. Given the number of
people and coordination on stage, I am interested in learning how to set up plays and what goes
into ensuring theatres deliver outstanding dramatic performances. Unlike television content, live
performances such as comedy and plays provide the viewers with relevant content that makes
one feel energized and relaxed due to interactions with performers.
In my view, since events in theatre unfold in real-time, theatre actors show exceptional
talent compared to filmmakers. Filmmakers have room for trial and error since they have several
takes, unlike theatre actors (Leach, 2017). Thus, my goal is to experience and understand how
actors perfect their scenes all the time without the luxury of editing, as is the case with films.
According to Leach (2017), theatres usually present the best actors for a role since there is no
chance of manipulating anything on stage. Since it is intriguing to experience some of the best
actors performing, I want to understand why theatre performances compel more than movies. In
addition to enjoying the performances, there is so much to do, and one can easily share laughter,
drinks and interact with other people. One such theatre that you are guaranteed to find good
content, fun, and relaxation is the Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston.
Richard 2
Leach, R. (2017). Theatre Studies. Routledge.
Mardochee Richard
Walden university
Week 2: Final Project Milestone 2
A Description of the Selected Art for the Ultimate Project
The previous experience provided an opportunity to interact with different kinds of art
forms, and it was simpler settling on the sone form of art for the final project. Therefore, the
form of art used in the final project is music. It is a widely recognized form of art regardless
of ethnicity, race, or status. From a personal point of view, music creates a sense of
coherence, making it the most favored form of art. One of the standout aspects related to
music is that it is boundless, and many consider it a language on its own, primarily since it is
used as a means to pass on various messages.
Music is also used to let individuals let out their expressions, whether it is a feeling of
happiness or sadness. Music can communicate all forms of emotions through music, and the
audience on the other end becomes able to pick the message. Hence, the value of music as a
form of art lies in its ability to allow one to let out their emotions and thoughts and express
themselves; however, some contain encrypted messages hidden behind coded vocabularies; it
is still a transmitter of information.
There are numerous reasons to settle for music as the art form for the final project. The
basis of the decision is all about the significance of music to humanity, making it an
intriguing form of art. Additionally, music comes out as an utmost form of conveying
information and expressions among humans. The art integrates the mind, the body, and the
emotional aspects of communication. Also, music takes on a universal form of art whereby it
serves the same purpose across the world regardless of people’s culture, status, ethnicity, or
even political boundaries.
Specific Work of Art within Music That Will be Investigates and Explored
The form of art settled for, and the project will discuss in the final project is music. In
this section, the specific work under the music category will further investigate and explore.
The precise work of art within music under review is a production that goes by the name
Christmas in August and is back then exhibited at the Macon Arts Alliance. The underlying
theme of the work of art concerns instances that occur during Christmas. The individuals
growing up in an American environment easily relate to Christmas. The famous Santa is
widely known to offer prizes to random people during such seasons. In the work of art, a
character named Buddy slips into the bag of a Santa and ends up getting himself in the North
Pole where Santa had intended to travel and give out presents.
Christmas in August is the specific work of art within music picked in this case; the basis
of the choice is because some solid reasons. First, it is because of the unique, intriguing
elements that the piece of art contains. From a personal point of view, Christmas is the most
adored season hence songs with Christmas themes tend to be exciting and bring a feeling of
nostalgia. The uniqueness of the art, especially when performed on stage and accompanied by
the musical beats, makes the piece amazing (Greenwood, 2015). The most exciting part is the
idea of Buddy slipping into a prize bag that belongs to Santa and is carried around; it brings a
sense of humor and entertainment as well. Even though Christmas is known with famous
scenes, Christmas in August spices up the monotonous scenes involving Santa by delivering a
person in a prize bag.
Greenwood, W. (2015). People love musicals. retrieved from—andhere-s-why/article_88859bce-0e33-11e5-9b40-9bd88bbcb4d8.html
Christmas in August Music
Mardochee Richard
Walden University
Amgen’s Sales Team Layoffs,
The specific work of music under consideration is a creation titled Christmas in August,
which was previously displayed at the Macon Arts Alliance. Christmas in August was created in
the United States in Macon Arts Alliance on November 7, 2003, to commercial and critical
recognition. Buddy is the film’s central character; he is a human who was rescued and adopted by
Santa (Every Christmas Movie EVER MADE, 2018). He discovers this and travels to New York
City to find his biological father while sharing the Holiday spirit in a world full of cynics.
The work of art’s underlying message is about occurrences during the Christmas season to
the philosophical environment. Individuals raised in an American environment have a natural
affinity for Christmas. During these seasons, the popular Santa Claus is well-known for awarding
prizes to random people (Every Christmas Movie EVER MADE, 2018). In the artwork, Buddy’s
character sneaks into a Santa’s bag and ends up in the North Pole, where Santa wanted to fly and
distribute presents.
While considering the religious environment of Christmas in August, most people love
Christmas, which is why songs with Christmas themes seem to be exciting and elicit feelings of
nostalgia. Christmas is an annual holiday for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated
overwhelmingly on December 25 by billions of individuals as a cultural and religious celebration.
Christmas in August portrays Christmas as a main festival in the Christian liturgical year. It
precedes Advent or the Nativity Fast and inaugurated Christmastide’s period, which traditionally
lasts twelve days and ends on the Twelfth Night in the Western tradition. According to the music,
Christmas in August Christmas Day is a national holiday in a number of the world’s countries, is
religiously and traditionally observed by most Christians, and is an important part of the
celebration season planned around it.
Every Christmas movie EVER MADE. ….well, almost! (2018, December 28). Brisbane Kids.

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