Saudi Electronic University Accounting Internship Report


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Accounting internship requirements:
• No plagiarism, the work should be unique.
• Use Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font.

Writing report about 1000 words regarding the schedule shown below writing
public info & min 5 references.
(Report Components)
What are the activities and tasks given to you during this
Monitoring Spending and Budgets.
What skills did you learn through the month?
1. To monitor the Spending and Budgets.
New skill(s)
2. Compare the actual and the budgeted costs
3. Advance cost saving
4. Periodic reports (each month / 3 months.)
How many meetings did you attend?
0 meeting
What are the difficulties you had this month?
Its new filed to engage with (previously only contacting with
subjects, now I implement the knowledge + study through
practical training)
Difficulty/ Challenge(s)
How did you overcome these difficulties?
1. Trying to practice through sum procedures to follow
2. Work on computers.
3. Using excel to do the mathematical calculations
What did you learn from completing the tasks
1. Controlling the budget, (more of cost saving)
2. Monitoring the Yearly spending budget
What did you want to learn more?
To make significant effect on cost saving that the department
will acknowledge as good way to follow 2030 vison

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