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Student InstructionsFor each assignment, you will use the M.U.S.E. link to complete the lab.In this lab, you will see the impacts associated with coal-fire or nuclear power plants for electricity generation. This will help you write a scientific paper that focuses on energy sources.Energy SourcesEverything people do in their daily lives involves the consumption of resources. One resource in particular is energy. Electricity is one of the most important energy resources consumed. Electricity is also one of the highest in demand. Traditionally, fossil fuels have dominated the U.S. energy mix. Examples of fossil fuels include:CoalNatural gasOilHowever, it is well-known that fossil fuels emit carbon into the environment. This is harmful to the environment because fossil fuels are contributing to global warming. Fortunately, alternative energy sources are becoming more efficient and popular. Examples of alternative energy sources include:SolarWindHydroGeothermalAnalyze energy sources, to write a scientific paper that addresses:The 2 primary sources of electricity generation are coal and nuclear power plants. Which of these sources is better for human sustainability?Using the M.U.S.E. link, review the background information and gather your data.Review this video for a detailed overview of this assignment: . Then you will use the Lab 4 worksheet for assignment instructions and data collection. Be certain to compete both Part 1 and Part 2 of the worksheet.Please submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Assignment Specific Grading Criteria:Unit 4 Individual Project Grading CriteriaMax PointsTable in Part 1 is filled out completely using simulated data from MUSE5Purpose describes the overall lab in 2-3 sentences5Introduction is a 1 paragraph about energy usages and the main factors on coal and nuclear energy resources. This may include common perceptions about these resources and environmental concerns. Introduction may also discuss human energy demands. This is not a summary of the actual lab.5Hypothesis is a one sentence prediction that relates directly to the data collected in Part 1.5Methods include a summary of using the simulation to collect data.5Results summarize in sentence form the data contained in Part 1. Table from Part 1 should either be included in this section or referred to.5Discussion is 1 paragraph that explicitly relates data (Table 1) to hypothesis, making connections between human energy usages, long-term sustainability, and the two energy resources compared in the lab.5Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively.5Total:40

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Instructor’s Name:
Assignment: SCI203 Phase 4 Lab Report
Title: Analysis of Energy Sources
Instructions: You will write a 1-page lab report using the scientific method.
When your lab report is complete – submit it in the classroom.
Part I: Using the lab animation, fill in the data table below to gather your data, and use it to help
you generate your hypothesis, outcomes, and analysis.
(Coal)/Uranium Emissions
Needed (tons)
Dioxide and
Coal Q1
Coal Q2
Coal Q3
Coal Q4
Nuclear Q1
Nuclear Q2
Nuclear Q3
Nuclear Q4
Part II: Write a 1-page lab report using the following scientific method sections:

o State the purpose of the lab.

This is an investigation of what is currently known about the question being
asked. Use background information from credible references to write a short
summary about concepts in the lab. List and cite references in APA style.
Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome
o A hypothesis is an educated guess. Based on what you have learned and written
about in the Introduction, state what you expect to be the results of the lab
o Summarize the procedures that you used in the lab. The Methods section should
also state clearly how data (numbers) were collected during the lab; this will be
reported in the Results/Outcome section.
o Provide here any results or data that were generated while doing the lab
o In this section, state clearly whether you obtained the expected results. Also
discuss the results and what you learned from this lab.
o Note: You can use the lab data to help you discuss the results and what you
Provide references in APA format. This includes a reference list and in-text citations for
references used in the Introduction section.
Give your paper a title, and identify each section as specified above. Although the hypothesis
will be a 1-sentence answer, the other sections will need to be paragraphs to adequately
explain your experiment.

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