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Assignment 4 – Reform in the Wester…
Answer the following questions. These questions will be
your notes so please write out the questions and answer the
questions completely.
1. What were the criticisms of the church addressed by the
2. Compare and contrast Erasmus and Savonarola and their
approaches to the power structure of the Catholic Church.
3. What led to Luther’s break from Rome?
4. Explain the distinction between Protestantism and
Lutheranism, and why the distinction is important.
5. What are the identifying characteristics unique to
Reformation in England?
6. What were the reforms sought by Teresa of Ávila, and
how did she achieve them?
7. What were the intentions and the effects of the Catholic
missionary movement in the New World?
8. What was the result of the Jesuits’ missionary work in
9. How did Protestantism treat women differently than
10. Analyze Christianity’s relationship to poverty.
11. How did the creation of new religious orders for men and
women within Catholicism different in the sixteenth
century compare to earlier church reforms?
12. Analyze the ways in which Protestant churches allowed
greater participation by their congregations than
Catholicism and its reflection of the political and
religious authority of the time.
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