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Recurrence Interval Calculator
Instructions: Click on the website linked below. Under “Basic Options” enter the criteria listed below. For Region, choose “Cu
the map to highlight a box over the Big Island of Hawai’i. Scroll to the bottom and “Search “. Once the new page has loaded, l
of the page to see the number of events (enter this into cell B16). On the spreadsheet, make sure to enter the dates of inter
Date” and “End Date”. After entering the dates, the information in cells B15 and B17 will change. The recurrence interval wi
calculate in cell B17!
USGS Earthquake Catalog:
Search for the following criteria:
Magnitude: 4.5+
Time (Custom): 5/01/2018 to 6/14/2018
Geographic Region (Custom): Hawai’i, the Big Island only
Recurrence Interval Formula:
T = N/n
Time Period (Record):
Time in days (N) =
Number of EQ > Magnitude 4.5 on record (n) =
Recurrence Interval (T) =
Start Date
End Date
What is the implication of this recurrence interval,
i.e. what does this mean? (Put some thought into
Instructions: Click on the website linked below. Scroll down to “Teaching Recurrence Intervals” (about half way down the pa
“Show example of recurrence interval with magnitude ranking “. There will be a table of river discharge data (NOT the column
the L.A. River, copy and paste the data (NOT the column headings) into the area marked below. On the spreadsheet, type “>1
“Category” cell. The recurrence interval will automatically be calculated in cell B41.
Flood Data:
Copy & Paste Data Here –>
Don’t copy the column headings.
They are already on the spreadsheet!
Discharge (cfs)
Time in years (N) =
Events greater than 100,000 cfs (n) =
Recurrence Interval (T) =
What does the unit cfs stand for and what is it
What would you do to this spreadsheet to calculate
the recurrence interval for events greater than
100,000 cfs?
ow. For Region, choose “Custom” and use
the new page has loaded, look at the top left
e to enter the dates of interest under “Start
The recurrence interval will automatically
ig Island only
about half way down the page) and click on
harge data (NOT the column headings) from
n the spreadsheet, type “>120000” under the

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