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principles of professional conduct to examine in the AICPA Code of
Professional Conduct document:

In your response to at least two peers, discuss actions and
consequences that should be taken in response to a violation of their
selected principle. Use the following questions to help guide your

What actions or strategies could you or others take to remediate
the ethical issues?
What are some repercussions of not abiding by your peer’s
selected principle from a legal, business, or general professional
Peer 1
The word I choose is Responsibilities. Responsibility is a commitment to
others and to yourself; Responsibility is an intangible power to
influence others or yourself. As per the “American Institute of Certified
Public Accountants” (AICPA) guidelines of professionalism, “Members
also have a continuing responsibility to cooperate with each other to
improve the art of accounting, maintain the public’s confidence, and
carry out the profession’s special responsibilities for self-governance.
The value of being responsible is one way to set up the basic
foundation for everyone and let them understand and fully trust the
company. If no one or no businesses are taking the responsibilities, the
basic operation would crash.
I think an example of a difficult situation that a practitioner may face
would be facing the temptation of high interest, many customers want
practitioners to make fraud or not follow normal procedures for
auditing. Or in the face of a conflict of interest, revealing the personal
information of the guests for high benefits. The clients sometimes
would bribe or try to take advantage of practitioners by using their
professional knowledge to get away from the something. A lot of
practitioners strictly follow a rigorous Code of Professional Conduct.
However, some of them still would game the system, and become
Peer 2
Hello everyone, the principle that I’ve selected is responsibilities. To
me, responsibilities is taking account for something that you signed up
for. Also, setting a goal and being able to complete it. This value that
responsibilities bring to practitioners, businesses, and clients would be
the leadership position they stand in. Being all of those things it take
responsibility. This is because you have someone else looking at you
and you have a role to fill. A difficult situation a practitioner may face is
not being able to care for a client because of the lack of knowledge
you have about the client problem their having. In this case
responsibility is important because their responsible for taking care of
the client because they’re the practitioner. A ethical response would be
to simply get someone in another leader position to help them
understand what need to be done. A practitioner might accidentally
not take an ethical course of action because they’re afraid of what
someone may think with them not knowing the responsibilities of their
job as an practitioner. At the time they may be thinking should they
continue action without not knowing what to do or should they get
someone who could help.

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Principles of professional conduct

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