States, South American Countries and Taiwan, essay help (5 pages)


5 questions each one at least a page, so 5 essays 5 pages..1-
shapes often impact the functioning of countries, negatively and
positively. Using an example in the lecture presentation, describe a
country whose state shape has negatively impacted its functioning. Make
sure you:  define the state shape explain how your country fits this state shapegive a detailed description of the negative impact of this shape2-
American countries have had issues integrating due to natural reasons
and the effects of colonialism. Even though colonialism has ended, these
barriers still affect the countries of South America. Describe these four barriers.Next,
very briefly explain how integration is finally occurring between South
American countries in terms of multinational trade agreements and
projects. 3-
is in an interesting position. It functions as a sovereign state, but
it is not recognized as a sovereign state by the rest of the world,
especially China. How does Taiwan function as a sovereign state?How did the situation in Taiwan come about?How does China view Taiwan?What is one possible solution to this situation?How are the two entities (Taiwan and China) inextricably linked? 4-
groups and insurgent states have destabilized Colombia for
decades. Make sure you cover how this situation arose, relevant terms,
cocaine, and physical geography.  What is an insurgent state, and who are the main insurgent groups? Why did these insurgent groups form in the 1970’s? How do these insurgent groups fund their insurgency? Explain how the U.S., and at least two other countries, are involved in the situation in Colombia. How does physical geography contribute to, and exacerbate, the situation in Colombia? Is there any hope for peace between the government and these insurgent groups? 5-
is what is termed a ‘hot spot’ in geography. A hot spot is an area
where conflict is occurring and where that conflict has the potential to
erupt into a geopolitical issue. Where is Kashmir located?What
is the history behind this conflict? Make sure you explain what
happened upon independence and the series of events that transpired
afterwards, including wars and current events.How was the territory eventually divided and what is the name for the line that divides this territory?How did/does cultural and political geography affect this conflict?Where
did one of the countries involved in this conflict move its capital,
and why did it move the capital? Make sure you describe the term
associated with this type of capital. Why is this conflict considered an international issue?

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