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I’m writing an Art History Essay covering two pieces of artwork and comparing and contrasting them. 

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Comparative writing and critical thinking is at the core of an understanding of art. This is the
basic assignment for the research paper you will be writing this semester.
⇒ You will choose two works of art from the text in chapters that we have covered to
compare and contrast.
⇒ You must use at least THREE outside resources other than the textbook, whether they
are books, periodicals or catalogs.
⇒ Online references may be used ONLY with prior approval from me.
⇒ Avoid Wikipedia and non-credible sources. Stick to university, museum, and
reputable organizations’ sites. (Usually sites ending in .org or .edu)
⇒ Develop an original, thoughtful thesis-a reason why it is interesting to compare these
particular works of art. Think about and use themes from the book and class power points in
your comparison.
⇒ All papers will be at least 1200 in length. Papers less than 1200 words will not be
accepted by Dropbox
. ⇒ All papers MUST be in Microsoft Word (.docx) or Rich Text (.rtf) format. I CANNOT
accept papers in any other format, including Word Perfect.
Research papers will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1. Original thought & research: Does the paper show that the student has learned,
discovered, read, absorbed information and CRITICALLY THOUGHT about the works he/she is
discussing? 20%
2. Subject: Has the student chosen a subject matter that is interesting and appropriate
for the assignment? 20%
3. Organization: Does the student present, organize, and communicate his/her
arguments for maximum impact and document using the correct format? (SEE additional
Guidelines for Research Papers below.) 20%
4. Grammar: Has the student written a paper showing adequate comprehension of the
language and followed grammatical rules? 20%
5. Length: Has the student written a balanced paper that reached the minimum required
• Use one-inch margins on all four sides of the paper, double-spacing, and twelve point
letter height. Write in the third person just as your text does (NO “I, me, or you)”.
• Your paper must include a “selected bibliography” page showing all of your related
reading and sources. Sources MUST be cited within your paper either by using footnotes or the
MLA, Chicago or APA style of citing. A good site to look at for citing is here:
• Your paper must have an obvious thesis-a reason you are comparing these two works,
or something you wish to prove about these two works.
• Include descriptive writing, describing the works in detail, as if the reader did not have
access to images of the works.
• You will include formal analysis of the works, discussing:
o the artist’s choice of medium and importance of that choice,
o discussion of the title, o your interpretation of the meaning and purpose of
the work,
o and whether it has political, religious, or psychological (emotional, memory
triggering or invoking) importance.
o You will consider how the work fits in to the artist’s personal story and/or into
the flow of art history, its influence and what influenced it.
The following are some rules to keep in mind when you are working on your papers:
1. Include concrete, specific examples to support what you are saying in your paper.
2. Make your writing objective rather than subjective. For example, instead of writing
“She has a good use of perspective,” say “She uses linear perspective to give the illusion of
3. Titles of works should be italicized or written bold or “in quotation marks.” (Use your
text as a guide.)
4. Art movements (such as Impressionism) should be capitalized. (Again, use your text as
a guide.)
5. Don’t rely too heavily on your sources, meaning that more than two or three
footnotes per page might indicate too much reliance on outside sources. Read your sources and
THINK about them, and then include some of your own thoughts and observations. A good rule
of thumb is to conclude paragraphs with your own ideas rather than a quotation.
6. If you use footnotes, use the MLA, Chicago or APA style of citation and place them at
the bottom of each page. You do not need to footnote common knowledge, even if you found it
in the text. But you must footnote direct quotations as well as logic or arguments that
originated with someone else. Check out
http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html for more info on the Chicago

Your paper must have an obvious thesis-a reason you are comparing these two works,
or something you wish to prove about these two works
Ideas to Compare and Contrast these artworks: both represent something for men and
women, one is made from a woman and other from a man, different body types of how
men view women, and women view themselves, both symbolic meaning such as fertility
Comparing and Contrasting these two pieces:
Yakshi Bracket Figure and Woman from Willendorf
More Information
Resources to Use:

Venus of Willendorf


Religion: comparisons and connections

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Explanation & Answer:
1200 Words

physical characteristics

morphological forms

fertility and offspring

sculptural elements

agents of childbearing

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