The Blind Side: A Critical Film Review


See attachment for full assignment details.Must do the movie on “The Blind Side”

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Dear Class:See below for some film review resources to help you write the film paper this weekend. I would also recommend that you use the sources I recommended to support your analysis (these articles are available on e campus; forget about trying to google the topic this is not a research paper but rather a critical review paper). Thank you for your cooperation.Dr. WilliamsMy O.J. Made in America review: Review Website (other example reviews): Seth Meyers Satire on “White Savior” Trope

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Critical Film Review Paper:
Write a critical review of a white guilt film. The purpose of this assignment is for you to become
more familiar with interpreting film through the lens of critical race theory and the multiple ways
of reading film more generally. This paper must be typed, double spaced using Times New Roman
12 point font size with all pages numbered including a bibliography (you can use the citation style
customary to your major discipline but you must include citations!). Length: 1,200 words.
Suggested Sources:
Bogle, Donald, Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks
in American Films, (selected Chapters), “Cinethetic Racism” by Matthew Hughey, “That Old
Black Magic” by Christopher Farley, “White Hollywood’s New Black Boogeyman,” by Audrey
Colombe and “Legitimation Crisis and Containment” by Kelly J. Madison. These readings are
available on e campus.
Introduction (1 page).
Provide a brief synopsis on the basic details of the film in the first paragraph (Title, date, writer,
director, starring roles, length, budget, box office and critical reception). In paragraph two, discuss
race in mainstream Hollywood films including some mention of the origins of racial stereotypes
in American popular entertainment; and some discussion of the history of race in American film.
You also want to define the term “white guilt film.” I expect you to use course readings to support
your analysis.
Body (3 pages)
What are some of the specific elements of the typical white guilt film? Discuss. Why has this film
been classified as a white guilt film? Discuss. Do you think this film is appropriately labeled a
“white guilt film?” Why or why not? Discuss. How might some of the course readings be used to
analyze this film? Here you should draw upon course material to demonstrate that you have read
the course readings and clearly understand the subject matter/course readings as they relate to the
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Summarize your thoughts including some discussion of the progression of race in American film.
You are not an expert on this subject and neither is Wikipedia therefore you need citations to
support your assertions.

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