This Is America by Childish Gambino Music Video Rhetorical Analysis


i write 2 pages you can add more 3 pages more . just make sure everything is here you know about it ,its the finely assignment write a rhetorical analysis of the video, analyzing critically it using the three levels- Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Your analysis should carefully and analytically look at the argument and how the artiste uses the various elements in the video to make the argument. What is the artiste trying to do with the video? Persuade, Criticize, Inform or educate the audience? How is it achieved? RUBRIC5 pages Times new roman12 size fontDouble-spacedCreative title

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This is America by Childish Gambino
Music is not only used for entertainment but is also to educate the world on events that
are affecting the society. Therefore, artists give much attention to content just as they give
attention to the rhythm and beats of a song. This is because of stiff competition in the industry as
the audience is relating more with content as opposed to just a good song with a good video. An
example of music that is not only favorite on my list but also captures my attention is “This is
America” by Childish Gambino. This song sends a powerful message to the audience by using
three appeals of Kairos and Aristotle that include logos, pathos, and ethos.
Globally the song has been referred to as a cultural phenomenon with a video that has a
strong message. The music video and lyrics of the song demonstrate ethos by demonstrating
issue of gun control in the United States (Donald). Apart from that, the artist talks about issue of
discrimination and racism which an African American male encounters in the quest to be
successful. Therefore, those that have experienced discrimination, racism, and gun control are
able to relate to the song (Sciullo 164). While listening to this song, I must admit that his naming
of the song was well thought as it depicts current modern life in America. The song has
numerous meanings behind it. At the start of this song, Childish Gambino dances funnily even
though the lyrics are peaceful. Again, use of facial expressions symbolizes Jim Crow which
advocated for racial segregation. Lyrics “you just a black man in this world… You just a
barcode” demonstrate racism where barcode was what was used to tie African American slaves.
This song uses pathos that appeals to my emotions. It does this by bringing in memories
of terrorist events that have ever occurred. Gambino then goes ahead to shoot a man covered on
his head depicting an act of terrorism and violence in America. The dances that Gambino does
are a representation of distraction. This explains that entertainment industry in America is only
used to distract people from violence and other pressing issues affecting Americans. “Dance and
shake the frame” lyrics are advising Americans to wake up from their slumber and address these
issues before it is too late. “We just want the money” is another lyric that shows how America is
only money oriented and does not care about their fellow human beings (Donald). Shooting of
the black choir is one scene that stood out as it represented Charleston church shooting where
nine African American were killed. In addition, the seventeen-second pause in the song
symbolizes seventeen people that were shot dead at Florida.
This song uses logos as shown in its verse, refrain, verse, refrain set up type. It talks
about issues affecting Americans. Childish Gambino is raising awareness on increased violence
in America. At the end of the song, it shows Gambino being chased symbolizing of racism as he
is being chased because he is black (Sciullo 165). In the entire song, Gambino shows what
Americans view to be logic. Issues such as police brutality against African American
communities and gun control make an individual question American logic. Also, in America,
there have been rampant cases of school shootings and Gambino sees better to bring it out in a
To sum it up, this song is persuasive, and its message is supported by the creative and
unique video which audience relate with easily and compliments lyrics. Therefore, this video
easily depicts ethos, pathos, and logos through its music video and unique lyrics.
Work Cited
Donald Glover. “Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Video).” YouTube, YouTube, 3
April 2019,
Sciullo, Nick J. “Using hip-hop music and music videos to teach Aristotle’s three proofs.”
Communication Teacher 28.3 (2014): 165-169.

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