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G eography ArcMap Questions
The problems to be solved are 5 and answer should be in APA format style.Paper details (Links to an external site.)
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You will find four layers in the geodatabase:

“Houses”: This is point feature class representing house locations. It has one
field(CID) that contains a unique identifier for each house.
“House_Characteristics”: This is a table that contains four attributes: a unique
identifier for each house (CID), the number of occupantsper house(NumPeople),
the size of the floorplan in square feet (SqFootage), and the property value in
thousands of dollars (PropValue).
“River”: This is a line feature class that represents a river that crosses the study
“Roads”: This is a line feature class that represents the center lines of main streets
and avenues. It has three attributes: the name of the street (ST_NAME), the type
(ST_TYPE), and the length of each street or avenue segment (Shape_length).
“Floodplain”: This is a polygon feature class that represents the extent of the 100year floodplain (the maximum flooding area in the past 100 years) and 200-year
floodplain (the maximum flooding area in the past 200 years). It has three
attributes: the maximum flooding area in the past 100 and 200 years
(Floodplain_Year = 100 or 200), the length of the perimeter in feet
(shape_length), and the area in square feet (Shape_Area)

Please type your answers in this word document and, when finished, upload it
directly onto CANVAS (Midterm→ Computer Based Part).

For each question, write down the steps you took to answer it and the numeric
results. Each question is worth 5 points.

At the end of each question you will find the layers that are needed to solve the
problem.This part is due Wed, Nov 2 at 8:45 am. Late exams will not be accepted
or graded.
If a floodaffects the surface area of the 100-year floodplain: How many
people will be directly affected? How many houses will be damaged? If
the cost of the damagesis 1% of the total property valueof all affected
houses, what will the costs of the losses be(in thousands of dollars)? Use
“Houses” and “Floodplain”. Link the table “House_Characteristics” to
“HOUSES” based on CID.
How many houses have more than or equal to 7 people and have a
square footage of more than or equal to 3000 sq. feet but do not have a
property value of more than $350 K? Use “Houses”
If the flood severely damages the road network in the 100-year floodplain
area, what percentage (roughly) of the total road networkwill require
some maintenance because of these damages? Use: “Roads” and
If the flood affects the houses within 2 miles of the river channel, how
manyhouses will be affected?
From thissubset, how many: fall within the 200-year floodplain only (not in
the 100-year floodplain), have a square footage of more than 3546 sq.
feet,have less than 5 occupants, and cost $500 k or less? These four
criteria occur simultaneously.
Use “River”, “Houses”, and“Floodplain”.

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