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Hello I need you to create a power point presentation of at least 8 slides, explaining the sustainability features that Singapore has. Find information on the Sustainable Features, Energy Efficiency, Environmental / Ecological Strategies, Socio-cultural Strategies, and anything else that you can find on the city. It can be longer than 8 slides.I attached a word document with a little information that I found but I need you to find more and create a presentation on it with the features I listed above:Sustainable Features, Energy Efficiency, Environmental / Ecological Strategies, Socio-cultural Strategies

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Running head: CITIES
Singapore Green Plan (SGP) was implemented in 1992, and it still exists (Valerie, n.d.). It
was reviewed in 2002 since some aspects needed to be changed to apply to the era we are living
in. The plan consists of Singapore’s activities to ensure that a quality living environment is
maintained. It has been challenging for a city to experience economic growth and development
while the environment is not affected. The tropical climate in the area makes it suitable for the use
of solar energy. This is an energy source that does not pollute the environment, and it is cheap.
Non-renewable sources produce carbon oxides, which make the environment unsuitable for human
beings to live in. It is important to note that people also use electricity, which is generated by
natural gas. Singapore has been ranked among the top 20 countries in the world that are carbon
efficient. Carbon efficiency indicates that the emission of carbon oxides in the region is very low.
Singapore aims at minimizing energy consumption at a rate of 35% by 2030. Singapore
collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intending to create better strategies
for maintaining sustainability. The imposing of laws such as the Environmental Protection and
Management Act prohibits people from engaging in certain behaviors that may harm the
environment. For instance, the release of toxic substances from manufacturing firms is prohibited,
and alternatives have been sought in directing the toxic gases to a certain chamber. The strategy is
to make Singapore a greener and cleaner place, making life more pleasant for people. There are
litter bins all over where people place their dirt. They are important, especially when one is in the
Below of litter bins found in the region.
1.Singapore; We want to research Singapore because they have a unique water system called
the hydrohub which allows for all water to be collected and reused endlessly. It is one of the top
20 most carbon efficient countries in the world. Singapore also wants to have 80% of its
buildings to achieve the Green Mark Certification by 2030. As of now one of the more
recognizable buildings with the GMC has automatic dimmers for lights based on weather
conditions and time of day, and a basement where 2,500 Kg of food waste is collected in
dumpsters and turned into recycled water. Also, by 2030 Singapore hopes to reduce its energy
consumption by 35%. It’d also be interesting to research a place where solar energy is the most
reliable form of energy.

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energy efficiency

Sustainability Features

Ecological Strategies

Sociocultural Strategies

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