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I also uploaded the reading.Please follow the guidelines very very carefully and write correctly.If you have any questions please ask me.Thank you.

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This course offers an introduction to the history of film from 1895
through 1931. We will begin by tracing the development of film
technology, industry, and exhibition in France, the US, and Britain, before
feature-length, narrative film became the dominant form of commercial
cinema throughout the world. We will then examine the major film
movements of the silent era: the Hollywood studio system, the
avant-garde cinema of France, German Expressionism, and Soviet
montage. We will conclude by looking at the emergence of sound film in
the late 1920s. In the process, we will consider how silent-era film
addressed early twentieth-century concerns about modernity, race, and
Perusall Reading Annotations:
Perusall is a tool which allows you to annotate essayreadings as a group. Mostweeks,
you will read an essay within Perusall (linked on Canvas), highlighting important
passages, commenting on points you find important, asking questions about points
of confusion or ideas you have, and responding to each other’s questions and
comments. These readings are key texts writtenin or about the silent era which
supplement the textbook and lecture material. You should visit each assignment
multiple times throughout the week, so you can respond to other students’
comments and questions.They will be discussed in the live discussionas well. Due
Thursdays by11:59pm.
I also uploaded the reading.
Please follow the guidelines very very carefully and write correctly.
If you have any questions please ask me.
Thank you.
Make highlighting important passages which you choose to do comment on the
original readings , and commenting on points you find important, asking questions
about points of confusion or ideas you have, and responding to each other’s
questions and comments.
There are other students’ comments below, the purple part is where they choose
and the second pictures is their comments. Please choose 4 people’s comment to
respond and Note!!! who you respond.
NO:1 comments:
NO:2 comments:

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