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Follow the guideline carefully broThank you so much broFollow the guideline carefully broThank you so much bro

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Drama class
Culture, ethnicity, aesthetics, and ideology – often powerfully combined in the concept “subculture” – play a
crucial role in the development of American identities (and identities elsewhere). This course explores how & why
culture is performed as a means by which to define, express, and maintain social identity. Subcultures, such as Beats,
hippies, slam poets, bikers, Metalheads, punks, Goths, nerds, Riot Grrls, geeks, pachucos, Emo, magicians, activists,
BMXers, surfers, skaters, drag kings, bodybuilders, strippers, modern dancers, hip-hop enthusiasts, Rastafari, BDSM
practitioners, and gangstas, etc., have importantly thrived in the United States.
Our focus will be less on subcultural affiliations – “community cultures” – based on ethnic/national differences
and origins (African-, Italian-, Chinese-, Irish-American, etc.) than on the aesthetics, ideology, politics, desire, affect,
and consumerism reciprocally informed by “alternative” or “counter” cultural formations (not dominant in any standard
artistic, demographic, or regional registrar). We will engage various theories of culture, subjectivity, identity, aesthetics,
and consumerism from a range of disciplines, though there will be emphasis on approaches from performance,
theater, cognitive, ethnic, and cultural studies, as we explore the value and influence of American subcultures,
especially as they are fetishized, commodified, and – most importantly – performed.
Extra Credit Opportunity: Watch the film, Water, and submit a two page,
double-spaced reaction to the film in the assignment dropbox entitled “Extra Credit”.
12 point Times New Roman
1″ margins
Unique Title that tells us what the paper is about
*Failure to follow any of these instructions will result in zero points being awarded for
the assignment.
This Assignment will be the equivalent of 2 quizzes.
Viewing: Water

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Colonial India

Deepa Mehtas Water


archaic traditions

symbolize mourning

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