University of Cambridge Environmental Science Study Paper


What should be included in the submission? All part of the paper including data and analysis.
You should have:
IntroductionHypothesisQuestionData collectionMethod
Keep in mind that the word count for the entire paper is between 1500 and 2000 words. There should also be a brief list of sources. The paper should be almost 100% original.

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Preparation – Form 8
Preparation – Form 8
Outline Proposal Form
Read the guidance notes at the end of the form before you fill it in.
Centre name
Wellington High School
Candidate name
t number
Exam series
Title of proposal
t name
AS Environmental Management:Research Paper
If this is a resubmission, please check the
Why are Coffee grounds are good for the use of soil?
Details of proposal (See guidance notes)
Using coffee grounds in soils up to 35% by volume coffee grounds will improve soil structure over the short-term and
over the long term. With the usage of coffee grounds, rates will sustainably improve abilities and will cancel the need
for chemical usage for plant essential elements. Chemicals such as pesticides and petroleum.
In my research I will conduct an experiment with nine plants total in three groups. One group no coffee grounds.
One group 50/50 split of the coffee grounds and regular soil. The third group all coffee grounds. There will be
three plants in each group and I will monitor for eight weeks. Regular soil can be contaminated with all sorts of
chemicals such as oil, gasoline or pesticides. With chemicals like these in the soil some of the chemical fertilizers can
cause water pollution and increased air pollution. With coffee grounds I will see if the plants grow healthier in that
environment, instead of with regular soil.
Teacher’s initials
Advisor’s comments
Advisor’s initials
For Advisor’s use only
(With Proviso)
Returning this form
Not Approved
More Information
Approval Not Required
(See comments)
Please save the form using the syllabus code, centre number and candidate name (for example, ‘0999 12345 Adam
Smith’), and return the form to Please include your centre number and the form
name and number (found at the top right-hand corner of the form) in the email subject line. Save a copy of the form for
your own records.
Guidance notes
Use this form to submit details of the coursework projects your candidates propose to complete for the upcoming exam
series. Type information in the spaces provided. Please make sure that the appropriate boxes at the top of the form are
completed. If this portion is not correctly completed, we will have to return the form.
Use one form for each candidate (except in certain cases where only one form for the subject is required). If you need
extra space to complete the outline proposal, please send a second form.
Read the relevant coursework sections of the syllabus before you complete the form, and submit the form before the
candidate starts the work. Include a completed copy of this form after the title page.
Information needed
The outline should normally include:
● the title or aim of the piece of work
● the methods to be used to collect and analyse information and data and, where possible and appropriate, a brief list
of sources
● a bibliography (in appropriate syllabuses only).
In addition to the above, the outline for the syllabuses listed below should also include:
● Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level or Cambridge Pre-U Art & Design: Submissions
should identify sources for first hand study and other sources and contacts; such as gallery visits, interviews, etc.
Any teachers’ comments can be added at the bottom of the ‘Details of proposal’ box.
● Cambridge International AS and A Level Design & Technology: Submissions should include an indication of the
anticipated project outcome, solution or artefact.
● Cambridge International AS and A Level Design & Textiles: Submissions should provide a copy of the Practical
Test Task and the mark scheme to the proposal as an attachment.
● Cambridge International AS and A Level Travel & Tourism: Only one Outline Proposal Form is needed per
group or event. Submissions should briefly summarise the chosen event and its duration, the target customers, and
the aims and number of members in the group.
● Cambridge Pre-U History: Submissions should specify which Paper 5 option candidates will enter.
● Cambridge Pre-U Psychology: Submissions should state the issues to investigate and the details of ethical
considerations for the investigation. We will only consider forms if these details are included. As this is a Cambridge
Pre-U Personal Investigation, no two proposals should be the same.
● Cambridge Pre-U Independent Research Report: Submissions should explain the problem to be investigated and
how the question will lead to the sustained analysis and evaluation needed to meet AO2 and AO3.
● Cambridge Pre-U English or Business & Management: Please use the syllabus-specific forms 8A and 8B to
submit proposals for these subjects.
Processing the form
When we receive your Outline Proposal Form, we will acknowledge receipt of the form within five working days and send
the form to one of our advisors for comment. The form will be returned with the advisor’s comments within four weeks
once the initial acknowledgement has been sent. If you do not receive an outcome by this time, please contact Customer
Services on 01223 553554 or email
Resubmitting a proposal
In some cases, an advisor may ask for more information, in which case you will need to resubmit the proposal. Include a
copy of the original version when you resubmit the form. You must do this no more than seven days after the original has
been returned to the centre.
You only need to do this if the advisor has asked for extra information; candidates who are adjusting their proposal in line
with the advisor’s comment do not need to resubmit their form.
Please refer to the Cambridge Handbook for submission dates.

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Human activity

Petroleum products

level of pollution

corrosive chemicals

enrich the soil

Increased pollution

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