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Reading Material:
Chp 1-20
SEC 10K:
This paper will be about the company APPLE
Write a minimum of a 3-page report, single-spaced, one-inch margins, 12point font, with a double space between paragraphs. This page requirement
includes data visualization (charts and graphs) that you create.
1. Page count does not include a title page, tables and exhibits, and reference
2. Include a title page (include your name on the title page). The report must
consist of headings such as Accounts Receivable and Inventory (topics
from the textbook); other examples would be Income Statement, Balance
Sheet, and the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity.
3. Include a brief introduction of your company as well as a
conclusion/summary at the end. Most of your report should include
accounting topics in weeks one through five.
4. You must consist of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of
Cash Flows, and Critical Audit Matters.
5. You are to compare current and prior year statements and what changed.
You can copy directly from the SEC 10-K Report. The statements are not
included in the page count.
APA style is required for citations and a reference list. The report must include
the reference list.
Apple Inc. Report
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Apple Inc. Report
Apple as a company is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and marketing
smartphones, tablets, personal computers, wearables, and accessories. The company also offers a
wide range of services, including AppleCare, advertising, Digital content, and Cloud Services.
At Apple, the main products are iPhone, iPad, and Mac smartphone, whose operation is based on
iOS. Apple markets and distribution comprises small and middle-sized businesses, government
markets, enterprises, media, and education institutions. Like other companies, Apple faces
competition because most of their product is categorized as price aggressive. This competition
results in a downward trend in gross margins, frequent introduction of new products and
services, and continual improvement of the product prices and performance characteristics.
APPLE Risk factors
Risks Related to COVID-19
Apple’s business and positive reputation have resulted from its financial condition and
mode of operation. The most recent risk that Apple experienced is related to the outbreak of the
CIOVID-19 Pandemic. COVID-19 has and will continue to adversely affect Apple’s business,
operation results, price of the company’s stock, and financial position. As a result, some
companies at Apple are curtailed by the outbreak of the Pandemic 9 INC, S. C. UNITED
FORM 10-K). The ultimate result of the Pandemic on Apple has been significant volatility and
immense disruption in global financial markets. In the future, Apple is likely to suffer
economically from the measures that different countries have put in place to manage COVID-19
Macroeconomic and Industry Risks
The global and regional economies are significantly crucial to the company’s well-being
in adverse economic conditions. The company has a higher likelihood of being negatively
affected martially. The company’s net sale depends on sales in the US and other parts of the
world. The values chain at apple is complex because significant operations are done outside the
US. Operations such as manufacturing and assembly and supplier facilities are located outside
the United States. The fact justifies the significance of global and regional economics to Apple
WASHINGTON, DC 20549 FORM 10-K). The demand for Apple-produced products and
services can adversely be affected by adverse macroeconomic conditions such as inflation,
recession, increased tariff rate, high-interest rate, and tighter credits.
Business risk
Profound management of products and services introduction and the transition is critical
for Apple Inc to remain competitive and stimulate customer demand. The industry under which
Apple operates is highly volatile. Apple must invest sufficiently in technology and ensure that
products and services introduced to customers outsmart their competitors. Through such an
initiative, Apple Inc will be able to enhance the existence of its products and services and
manage a successful transition of upgraded and new products. In order to effectively y manage
competition, Apple must put into account time and successful development, market acceptance,
the ability to manage risk associated with product ramp-up issues effusively, and the availability
of applications and software.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance Risks
The presence of an unfavorable legal process on the company might lead to an adverse
impact on Apple Inc. Subjecting Apple to different claims and government investigations might
curtail its ability to excel in the market. The indemnification provision is another legal aspect that
might halt Apple’s ability to perform in the market. Claims on a patent relating to cellularenabled products are another adverse that Apple has faced and continues to face by investing in
legal protection to defend against infringement actions.
Financial Statements and Supplementary Data
Apple Inc. evaluates its reportable performance based on the net sale and operating
income. The operating income for each segment includes the related cost of sale directly
attributed to operating expenses. For the three years 2021, 2020 and 2019, the net income was
$94,680, $57,411, and $55,256 respectively. On the other hand, the total comprehensive
income for the three years was $95,249, $57,453, and $58,037 for 2021, 2020, and 2019
A balance sheet is a crucial financial document that helps t determine the ability of the
firm to pay its debts. At Apple Inc, the consolidated balance sheet helps determine both
current and non-current classification based on the expected restriction duration. Through this
document, Apple has made a report on restricted market securities based on the classification
of the underlying securities. All the derivatives are recorded at a fair value treatment for
account gain and losses based on the intended use and hedge designation from the above
balance sheet. Apple Inc presents derivatives for assets and liabilities at their gross fair value
on the balance sheet. The company requires the purchase of goods and services from the
balance sheet for future commitment.
Apple Inc. has classified the related derivatives instruments as operating activities. For
three years, there has been a fair presentation of the material position of Apple Inc. The cash
equivalent at the beginning was $39,789, $50,224, and $25,913 for 2021, 2020, and 2019
respectively. It shows the changes in the balance sheet, helping to effectively analyze the
operating, investing, and financing activities at Apple Inc. The data presented in this cash
flow is critical in that it will help the management at Apple Inc. and investors plan for future
projections and make sound investment decisions.
Critical Audit Matter
The critical audit matter arises from e current audit of different financial statements.
It relates to disclosing the materials critical to financial statements involving complex or
subjective judgments. Effective communication of the required audit does not affect the
financial information.
In summation, Apple Inc has held a leading position in marketing smartphones, tablets,
and personal computers and offering technology-driven services. Its ability to invest in
technology has made it possible to maintain its competitive edge by frequently introducing
and upgrading products. Through different financial statements such as balance sheet, income
statement, and cash flow, it is possible to determine the financial position, ability to pay debts
and help to make worthwhile future decisions.
Home – (n.d.). Retrieved April 22, 2022, from

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