UOP Genetically Modified Organisms Benefits & Risks Discussion


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s): Benefits vs Risks
Project Presentation:For your project, you are required to make a power point presentation with notes. The presentation is worth 20% of your total course mark. There is no need to add a report to your presentation. Just add notes to your slides to clarify your content.Presentation Requirements:Main points of the presentation are clear and concise.Information is directly related to the topic.Presentation includes a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.Cite references clearly using APA format.Information is well- researched and well-organised; sources are well quoted.References are not older than 2002, except for historical information.Conclude your presentation effectively.Include 20 slides.

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Group Project Rubric
Total Marks = 20%
Levels of Achievement
and conclusion
Weight 10.00%
0.00 %
Did not clearly introduce or conclude the topic
25.00 %
Introduction was irrelevant and not
connected to the topic. Incoherent
75.00 %
Introduced topic in clear and interesting way.
Conclusion was brief and appropriate.
Weight 10.00%
0.00 %
Does not contain central message or
identifiable organizational pattern.
25.00 %
Central message is not clearly and/or
easily identifiable by reader; sections may
be in need of further organization and
75.00 %
Central message is identifiable; sections of the
speech may vary in explicit organizational
pattern. Easy comprehension of the central
Weight 10.00%
0.00 %
No references included.
25.00 %
References included, but incorrectly done.
Missing reference page.
75.00 %
References are included, without in-text
Slide Show
Weight 70.00%
25.00 %
Slides with occasional typos, unclear
organization, and/or questionable applicability
to presentation. All slides include significant
amounts of text.
35.00 %
Slides contain appropriate material but
too much text or too many images/builds.
Lacking clarity or consistency.
75.00 %
Slides and other materials provide useful
information, clear and professional. But may not
directly relate to central topic or contain
irrelevant information.
Topics for Presentation
1. Abiotic factors and range of tolerance.
2. Weather and climate: microclimates, tornadoes and cyclones
3. Significance of wildlife, commercial products from wildlife, aesthetic and recreational
significance of wildlife.
4. What is the value of wetland areas?
5. Trace the roots of the throwaway mentality
6. Endangered and threatened Wildlife
7. Global warming Causes and Effects
8. North America Foot print vs Europe Footprint
9. Global health issues, Risk, and Toxicology
10. Adaptation among five Animals
11. What is quality of life? Do you feel a part of or apart from nature?
12. Factory Farming and the environmental impact
13. Is public ready for water recycling? Who owns the water in the clouds
14. Air pollution
15. Prevention of beach erosion, coastal cleanup strategies
16. Do you think that you have a sustain biodiversity?
17. Solid and Hazardous Waste
18. Pest management

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genetics science

genetically modifies organisms

human health safety concerns

GMO hazard

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