UOT Zhuangzis Idea of Virtue and Xunzis Perspective of Learning Essay


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HISTORY 3EC3, Winter 2022
The First Essay Assignment
1. Topic: Based on your reading of the Confucian Classics (the Book of Documents, the
Analects, the Mencius, and the Xunzi) and the classics of Daoism (the Laozi and
Zhuangzi), compare and contrast the ways of the good life and good government, as
articulated by these two rivaling schools of thought in ancient China.
2. Tips: In order to write a successful essay, you should first establish your views of what
Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi, despite their differences, commonly offered as solutions
to political chaos and social disorder. Once you have gained a fair understanding of
Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi, reconstruct a Daoist critique of the Confucian Way
based on a close reading of the Laozi and the Zhuangzi.
3. Textual Evidence: In your essay you should provide textual evidence for your arguments.
For historical contextualization you can use the Cambridge Illustrated Historyof China
with proper citation; however, NEVER use on-line sources as they tend to be misleading.
Footnotes are expected. Internal parenthetical citations are NOT acceptable.
4. Title: The title of your essays should contain be composed of two parts, a running head
and a sub-title, respectively. An essay without a proper title will NOT be accepted. These
are a few possible examples:
a. “Ritual
as Self-fulfillment”: The Significance of Ritual in the early evolution of
Confucian Thought
b. “The Ministers Should Reprove a Ruler”: Ministerial Check on Kingship in early
Confucian Texts
c. “Order, Wealth, and Legitimacy”: The Work of Government defined in Early Confucian
5. Length: 5 pages (Times New Roman 12 points, double-spaced)
6. Due Date: 11:59 PM, March 6th, 2021. Dropbox.
There are three components to your term project:
Project Proposal
Interim Report
Final Group Presentation
Week 4
Week 7
Week 12
The objectives of the project are as follows:
To give students the opportunity to identify real world international business problems
To conduct research in specific area of international business in greater depth than that achieved
in lectures and case discussions
To apply IB theories, analytical frameworks, and class learning to the international activities of a
real company
To give students practice in presenting and pitching a recommended IB strategy to “clients”
To simulate teamwork and communication skills that are increasingly important in the business
Treat this as a consulting assignment and pretend that you are pitching a consulting solution to the
company you have chosen. Be specific about your audience. Who are you pitching to?
Selecting your company and IB strategy
The key to a good IB project (any project) is the ability to identify a market / operation /
management opportunity or challenge (a.k.a problem statement), and using this problem
statement as means to determine the appropriate IB strategy.
Opportunities / challenges can be (examples only): diversify product / service portfolio for
risks, drive new market/ sales growth, identify opportunities for cost efficiency, access to talent
1 resources, streamline supply chain, manage existing in-country problems, enhance
organizational learning
Your problem statement is also your project objective.
The context of this IB strategy needs to involve countries outside of Canada and US (Canadian
/ US companies doing business in other countries) or other international companies doing
business in other countries (other than Canada and US).
IB strategies can be (examples only): market selection, entry strategies, Management theories
Consider different strategic options (3/4 is a good number) to solving your problem(s) and
recommend the most appropriate and effective solution(s)
Consider any risks and identify concerns resulting from your IB strategy (not all solutions are
Some other ideas: you may choose to a product / service in the country of your choice (excluding
Canada and the US). A complete analysis of the chosen country and the strategy applied to the launch
is required here. You may need to present a few country options and determine why you have decided
to focus on the selected country (this may depend whether your choice is obvious or not).
Tips for an excellent term project:
There is no one-size fits all approach /template to this project.
Your IB strategy and the type of analysis required is entirely driven by your problem statement.
At the beginning stage of the project, it is important that you:
Think outside of the box
Brainstorm as a group on ideas and problems
Consider different angles in analysing the problem(s)
Choosing your company and the problem(s)
Choose something you are interested and motivated to learn more about
Larger or publicly traded companies have better information availability and accessibility.
Companies that students have done work on in the past will only be accepted upon approval
and a review of the prior paper completed
The purpose of the project proposal is to get you thinking about the theme for your final project
and the team working together sooner.
A three-page (maximum) memo that includes the following:
Members of the group (names, sections and student numbers)
The company
The problem statement : opportunity / challenge / project objective
A list of questions you want to explore as part of the project
The country you will be targeting as part of your IB theory (unless you plan on a target market
selection, then you are setting up the market selection criteria).
A work plan –
Key milestones – when to finish what part
Division of labour
Major tasks and activities
Meeting / check in schedule
Team ground rules
Proposal must be signed by each member as a commitment (digital signature is acceptable). This
is mandatory to receive marks.
IB THEORY (choose one)
Market selection
o Assist company by analyzing the countries around the world to determine the best country
for them to enter
Entry Strategies
o Analyze and determine the best method of entry for company into target country
Management theory
o Apply and analyze via management theories to improve the company in an existing
foreign market
Please submit via Avenue by 11:59pm on due date
Note: Treat the proposal as an idea document. Based on feedback and data you gather you can change
components in the proposal as you develop your interim report.
Evaluation Criteria:
A good proposal has a compelling problem statement
Include all the required components
This interim report is your work-in-progress towards
the final presentation. This report is a written articulation of your analysis
and plausible IB strategic options so that you can stress test your assumptions with the
instructor for the final presentation.
This interim report is your work-in-progress towards
the final presentation. This report is a written articulation of your analysis
and plausible IB strategic options so that you can stress test your assumptions with the
instructor for the final presentation.
A 10-page word document submission (follow the guidelines under Written Deliverables guideline
in this document)
The 10-page limit does not include cover page, references and appendices if appropriate
A list of research references
Submit interim report group peer evaluation as a team. If this is not submitted, your report will
be marked as “0”
The main components of the interim report should include (this may vary depends on your “problem
Cover page (group name, member names, section, student numbers, email addresses”)
An overarching problem statement or “project objective and any “sub-problems”
Context – such as company and market background
The use of any specific IB theories/
frameworks to conduct your analysis
Analysis and Findings
Strategic Options and Recommendations
Risks and Concerns
Outstanding questions to be solved as part of your final presentation (if applicable)
Please submit by 11:59pm via Avenue on due date
Evaluation Criteria:
The interim report will be evaluated based on:
a clear objective or problem statement
the information gathered on your company and the country
details of your analysis and insights
identification of different possible IB strategies / options
Logical flow of the report
Note: A firm final recommendation is not necessary as this is an interim report. You can have unsolved
issues and if you have identified unsolved
issues which you are planning to address as part of your
final presentation, it is good to raise them. This reflects a thoughtful analysis.
Be sure to seek feedback on your interim report to be incorporated as part of your final presentation.
You can change components in the interim report for the final presentation if they make sense.

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Zhuangzis Idea of Virtue and Xunzis Perspective of Learning

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