Use of ArcGIS to create a map. Geography and Geoinformation science.


The assignment is to create a story map in ArcGIS online. I will provide my log in info once the work has been started. There’s more info in these screenshots. article that will hepl

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Develop a first full version of your story map and post it on the discussion forum for review. In the
discussion forum, provide feedback for two other story maps that were posted by your peers. What
could they do to improve their story maps?
Q1) Develop a story map, publish it within our GGS110 group and post the link to it on the discussion board
“Drafts and Feedback to “My Geoinformation Technologies”. Your story map needs to fulfill the following
minimum requirements:
a. The story map app needs to have one overarching topic, e.g. environmental issues, crime, demographic
data, etc. (2 points)
b. The story map app needs to have 5 tabs with 5 different maps (5 points)
c. The following analysis functions need to be applied at least once: 1) add field and calculate a result (lab 9),
2) predominant mapping (lab 10), and 3) apply filter (lab 10). (6 points)
d. The story map app needs to have a well-designed/balanced color scheme for the thematic datasets. (2
e. The story map app needs to have well-designed/balanced symbols for point data (2 points)
f. The story map app needs to have explanatory text, describing the spatial patterns that are seen on each
map. (5 points)
g. Content and overall design need to be cohesive. (2 points)
h. Develop and publish your story within our GGS110 group and post it on the discussion board. Provide
feedback to two peers. (3 points)
Assignment – Second week
Revise your story map and publish it within our GGS110 group.
a. Post the link to the final Story Map App to the “Final Design My Geoinformation Technologies” discussion
board. (10 points)
b. Describe ways (on the discussion board with your link posting), how you would like to improve your Story
Map App or analysis in the future (3 points)

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