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Volume and Surface Area Word Problems HW – ​Due Thursday 5/7 at 8am
1. Kacper wants to know how much his family spends on water for showers. Water costs $1.50 for 1,000
gallons. His family averages 4 showers per day. The average length of a shower is 10 minutes. He places a
bucket in his shower and turns on the water. After one minute, the bucket has 2.5 gallons of water. About
how much money does his family spend on water for showers in a 30-day month?
2. A rectangular swimming pool is 30 feet wide and 50 feet long. The rectangular floor of the swimming pool
is 30 feet wide, 3 feet deep at one end, and 10 feet deep at the other.
a. Sketch the figure of the swimming pool
b. What is the volume of the swimming pool in cubic feet?
c. How many gallons will the swimming pool hold if each cubic foot of water is about 7.5 gallons?
3. What is the minimum amount of wrapping paper needed to completely cover the gift box shown below?
4. A 2,000-gallon fish aquarium can be filled by water flowing at a constant rate in 10 hours. When a
decorative rock is placed in the aquarium, it can be filled in 9.5 hours. Find the volume of the rock in cubic
feet (1 ft​3​ = 7.48 gal.) round to the nearest tenth. ​Hint – use proportions to help you.
5. A paper cup has a height of 12 cm, a diameter of 10 cm, and a slant height of 13 cm. How much paper is
needed to make one paper cup? Round to the nearest tenth.
6. Three identical tennis balls with an 8 cm diameter are stacked in a cylindrical container. Find the ​volume
AND the surface area​ of the container (include both bases). Round to the nearest tenth. ​Hint – use a
drawing to help you.

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